Learn About Exercising During Pregnancy
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Dr. Dugan discusses whether women should exercise during pregnancy.


Learn About Exercising During Pregnancy Should women exercise during pregnancy? Dr. Dugan: Yes, it is very beneficial to exercise while you are pregnant. There are certain medical conditions that can start off in pregnancy like hypertension of pregnancy or what we call gestational diabetes, and we have now shown that women that have gestational diabetes are at much higher risk of type-2 diabetes later. So whatever we can do to avoid gestational diabetes or hypertension or high blood pressure at pregnancy is a great thing for your chronic health trajectory. So we definitely recommend that all women exercise while they are pregnant. In fact, it’s kind of a teachable moment when many women that previously didn’t exercise really want to take care of themselves and this baby growing inside of them. So low impact is probably the way to go with the cardiovascular component of your exercise or the aerobic part of your exercise. And we suggest just like public health recommended dosing about four days a week, about 30 minutes of low impact exercise. If you didn’t exercise before you were pregnant, you’re not going to start off at 30 minutes. You may have to build up starting with ten minutes and adding five minutes a week. But four times a week, about 30 minutes is what we think is their adequate dosing to help with your health during pregnancy and then your health beyond pregnancy.