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Enzo F. Cesario interviews digital strategist Rob Schwartz and discusses the new concept “Engagement Piggybacking” to help online businesses drive traffic to their websites.


Enzo Cesario: This is Enzo Cesario with the Brandsplat video report and were at an OMMA event where we just had a mobile conference and now we’re in a video conference. I’m here with Rob Schwartz who is a digital strategist. Rob what is a simple easy thing that clients can do to drive traffic through their website. Rob Schwartz: Great well a simple engagement driving strategy, one that cost no money and give you that results, is something I’ll call the “engagement piggy back.” Enzo Cesario: What’s that? Rob Schwartz: Well simply put—you have a website. You’re a small local business, you help with construction or your hair salon or just something very basic. You’re using the website just to get the name out, that you do something well. You have a competency and of course your contact info up the—with web engagement, by linking to—and spotlighting the touch point, like a web app for example. Enzo Cesario: Do you have an example of one that a specific business could use? Rob Schwartz: Something that we could speak to would be your decorator and you—on your reconnaissance discovered Sherwin Williams as an example as color snap. You go out in the field and like take a picture, match colors, get paint recommendations and actually come up with ideas for a room. You can actually kind of include like a case study on your website, demonstrating your technology prowess, but you would also be able to give that technology a link so people who are visiting your site has something useful to show for. Enzo Cesario: So how does that help like, would you have to SEO for that or how would that help? Rob Schwartz: By doing this, you’re going to actually promote traffic because people will share this knowledge that your resource, and then up your SEM and SEO strategy naturally. It’s really seamless on that level. Enzo Cesario: Cool. Well thanks Rob, appreciate. Again this is Enzo Cesario with the Brandsplat video report. See you next time.