Learn about BPA-Free Baby Bottles
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With all the controversy about the safety of phthalates and BPA, Haute Mama asked Alexandra Zissu, author of the Complete Organic Pregnancy, to take us through baby bottles.


Tatyana: Hi! I’m Tatyana. This is hautemama, the maternity life style series offers you diet style beauty and product advice, so keep you one haute mama. Let’s talk about bottles now; we have a selection of glass and plastics, starting with the plastic ones. Alexandra Zissou: The most important thing is to be looking for plastic products that are free of those very chemicals that added known to be leaching in to the pump breast milk or formula including hormone disruptors and other serious issues. It’s noted directly on the packaging that it’s Bisphenol and phthalates free and you know that they store like this. That they research and research the product and something like this is known to be safe. Tatyana: Let’s look at these glass bottles now. Alexandra Zissou: Glasses as safes as it gets I mean if it not known to leach anything in to anything breast milk or formula and it’s very tight and true. we drank out of them our parents drank out of them its just a really, really safe material so if you worried about plastic the safe as an easiest thing to do is to just avoid plastic and come under straight to glass obviously there is plastic up here and you can see even on there, its says 5 in the little cycling. Tatyana: Yeah I can see that. Alexandra Zissou: Triangle and 2 4 5 are the plastics that are known to be safest. But that’s a really important point about plastic it’s not an always clear and written which is why if you are worried about plastic you avoid altogether by going up into the glass. Tatyana: Finally we have these great bottles here made by klean kanteen, Alexandra Zissou: Its stainless steel. Tatyana: Yeah Alexandra Zissou: Its just stainless steel and this is an amazing thing, so when you are kid is done with the glass bottle or done with the plastic bottles and he is moving to the sippy, this is where you want to go, stainless steel is also try and true material but that’s not leach anything into the water or the orange juice or the milk then nipple is made by avon, so its made for little mouths and it has a wide necks, so its really easy clean. Tatyana: Its not lined right? That’s something on in and coating on the insides. Alexandra Zissou: Not lined and few colors. For more information visit hautemamaonline.com.