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The Pregnancy Show Presents: Learn about 3D Ultrasound


Melanie Raposo: Hi everybody! I am Melanie Raposo, and welcome to The Pregnancy Show. Today we are giving you an exclusive look at one of the most exciting times during any pregnancy, baby's first ultrasound. And now with 3D ultrasound technologies, parents can see their baby in a true-to-life form. It's an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that we are getting to see firsthand. Let's go take a look. Female Speaker: Today we are visiting Baby Imagination, where Alexandra Nugent, who is pregnant with her third child, is getting her first 3D ultrasound. One of the biggest benefits of a 3D ultrasound is being able to see all your baby's features in great detail. Not only are you able to see fingers and toes, but with a 3D ultrasound you can see your baby smile, yawn, and sometimes even open its eyes. Carmen Opia: If you really want a good shot of the face, 30 weeks, 32 weeks, even 33 weeks is great. If the baby is in a good position, where my worst enemy is the placenta, because sometimes the babies are just -- they have the placenta over their face, and then I cannot get anything, so I have to move them away. Host: A 3D ultrasound can cost an average of about $169. That price also includes a DVD of your ultrasound, as well as a picture CD, that you can bring home and share the wonderful experience with friends and family. Alexandra Nugent: This is my third and last pregnancy, so I thought it will be nice to get a 3D ultrasound, just to see like something more visual of the baby. And this one, you have features and like you actually see fingers and everything, so it's really exciting to see, and it will be nice to show them afterwards. Melanie Raposo: To learn more about 3D ultrasound and baby imagination, visit www.ThePregnancyShow.com.