Lazy Man's Tacos
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Jack Scalfani continues his Lazy Man's series with Lazy Man's Tacos.


Cooking with Jack Hey how are you doing? Thanks for joining me on the show. Today we’re going to do another lazy man’s video. Now as you remember before, we did lazy man’s lasagna. Came out really good. A lot of people loved it. It’s delicious. Well this time were going to do another lazy man recipe, it's called “Lazy Man’s Taco”. Now the reason why it's called lazy man’s tacos, because me I am the laziest person I know. Two things I hate about tacos. One when you go to eat a taco, it runs all out the other side, runs down your arm with a total mess and you’re licking it. It is disgusting. I can’t stand it, it's too much work to eat a taco and two when you buy the taco, it pretty much just goes everywhere. So those are things I hate about tacos. So let me show you how I make Lazy Man’s taco. Okay, let’s go over some of the ingredients, real simple ingredients, things that I like in my taco. We have ground beef, we have little bit of onion, alright big onion, we have a little bit of tomato, some shredded cheese and obviously sour cream to go right on top. And you’re going to want to keep on the side a little dish of your favorite chips, tortilla chips, okay? I’ll explain how those work in a minute. Alright so what we’re going to do first is we’re going to brown the ground beef. You just put in the pan, fry it up and get that all nice and brown and then bring it back over here. Now while the meat is browning, we’re going to cut up our tomato and onions. This is going to dice them up and get these all cut up. By the time you’re done with this, your taco meat should be ready. It's all nice and hot, a little ground beef, beautiful brown. Take the cheese first and you want to sprinkle that right on—oops, and on top there. Give that a moment because that’s going to melt right into the meat, just from the heat alone, okay? Then you take a little bit of tomatoes; throw that on top just like your making a taco. A little bit of onions, beautiful and your going to top it off. Now I don’t know why they call it a dollop. I have no idea. What are you going to do with dollop? I think that’s more than a dollop. A little bit of sour cream right there. Beautiful, all right. So you got all your tacos stuffed together and now here’s where the chips come in. You can take your chips, you’re going to gracefully stick them around the perimeter, beautiful. Like this. You got to be quick because the baseball games is going to start any minute. You got to get there before the Angels start playing and unless you’re a Yankee fan then I forgive you. All right, so here you go. That’s it, sit down, grab a spoon, grab a fork, eat this, deep the chips in, anything you want to do. It's beautiful. Let’s give that a try. It looks simple because it is simple. So let’s take a little taste and it's delicious too. If you ever had this before, it's total taco. It's perfect. That’s a Lazy man’s Taco. You’ll be right in front of the television set, watching the game within minutes. Thanks a lot for writing in. keep it coming. My name is Jack Scalfani, I’ll see you on the next episode. Thanks for watching the show but before you go, let me tell you about my line of sauces. It's called the best barbecue sauce you’ll ever taste. It's delicious and if that wasn’t enough, maybe the hot one, there it is. Whoo, it's good. Hey check out the best sauce you’ll ever taste. I got that too. Bam! Right there and if you want more, I got the best gourmet seasoning you’ll ever taste. Look at that baby. Check it out of the I’ll be there waiting for you. See you there.