Lazy Man's Marinade Recipe
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Jack Scalfani adds another video to the Lazy Man's series. This one is called Lazy Man's Marinate and it's DELICIOUS.


Okay, watch out because this show, I’m all geek on coffee, so I just want to ward you right now. Okay, so this is what we’re going to be doing today. Today shows is the Lazy Man Series, if you guys had been raving about, I’m just laze and it just happens to be working. So, we’re going to do more of the Lazy Man Series until you guys get tired of seeing lazy recipes. So here’s what we’re going to do. Today, we’re doing the Lazy Man’s Marinade. It’s easy. It’s simple and it only takes a dry rub—take a dry rub and some water and your meat. All right, so let’s get in close and take a look at this. How ironic. I just opened this chicken package and under the wrapper was this package of seasoning. It says, “Just sprinkle on or use as a marinade.” Isn’t that incredibly funny that I’m doing a marinade video and it came with my chicken? Okay, well that’s useless. All right so, grab your favorite seasoning. Mine is The Best Gourmet Seasoning You’ll Ever Taste.” It happens to be my brand and it doesn’t matter what brand you use. Any brand will do. So let's open this up and we're going to put this seasoning—oh, it’s one of the brand new bottles. All right, we’re going to shake this seasoning right into the water. It smells incredible. Once again, I’m running on coffee here so bear with me. And I'm not even going to tell you how much to put—I'm just going to tell you to cloud the water okay, so I'm just going to sprinkle in enough to cloud the water with it. You kind of know about how much you need. There you go. Once you put your fry rub seasoning in, go ahead and just mix it in there in the water, all the seasoning. Once again, everybody has their favorite rubs, some people make their own, some buy at the store, we don't care what you use. All right, it looks disgusting. But that’s how you do it. Now, what we're going to do is—the rule is this, you put the water and your rub into the bag with the chicken. And the rule is this, if it’s like chicken which is easily marinated, you're going to do for 30 to 35 minutes. If it's going to be like a steak or a thick cut of pork, you going to probably want to go more 45 minutes. So, you get to put all the chicken in the bag. You’re going to take, this is really simple, we’re just going to pour it in there. There you go. Put that over there. Now the key is this, ready? When you zip-lock it, zip it all the way to the end but don’t close it all the way. Push all the air out till it almost like leaks out. You’re going to see all the air leaving, almost all of it. Okay? And then you’re going to seal it. There you go. Make sure it’s sealed nice and tight. We’re going to give this literally 35 minutes. And then, we’re going to pop it on the grill and I’ll bring it all back nice and cooked and we’re going to taste it and see if this really works. Oh yeah, once again, like I always say, do it first on video, if it fails, it’s even funnier. All right, we’ll be back with the cooked meat in a moment. So just took all the chicken off the grill. It’s a mixture of two chicken breasts and the rest are thighs. What I notice that was interesting if you look this piece of chicken, let’s just take it out right now and take a look at it. This piece of chicken right here, look how its—I don’t even know what the—by marinating it in the water, it seemed to have opened up the chicken a little bit. It’s almost like little strips of chicken. Let’s take a look. Let’s turn it over for a second and see if we open up this side. Yeah, it’s hard to tell but it’s like—I mean the pork was so easy, like it opened all the pores up and I’m going to be surprised if this works honestly. I mean my brother told me it so. We’re going to see. All right, so once again, I’m going to be a little surprised if this works. If this works, that means 35 minutes to marinade—that’s it. No more over night or for three days or brining or whatever, if this penetrates like—I was told that it should penetrate, this is going to be amazing but I’m still skeptical. It cuts easy and it’s fully tender, that’s obvious. It only has al the seasoning running through it. It’s absolutely amazing, hang on for a minute. I’m going to cut deeper in. This thing is so moist. All right, now I’m in the center, let’s see if we can find a spot that doesn’t have seasoning. I’m in the deep center of the chicken breast. This is so tender. Okay. It works. The whole thing works. I thought it’s going to be a total bomb when I started this. So, it’s water, put the rub in there, soak it for 35 to 45 minutes, it absolutely amazing. No more overnight soaking. Try it out and write me, okay. Tell me how it works for you. That is Laze Man’s Marinade. We’ll talk to you later. Thanks for watching the show, but before you go let me tell you about my line of sauces. It’s called The Best Barbeque Sauce you’ll ever taste. It’s delicious. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve made a hot one. There it is, it’s good. Hey, check out The Best Teriyaki Sauce You’ll Ever Taste. I got that too right there. And if you want more, I’ve got The Best Gourmet Seasoning You’ll Ever Taste, look at that baby. Check it out at I’ll be there waiting for you. See you there.