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On-going research includes developing techniques to freeze eggs for later use and making medications you can take by mouth, instead of injections.


What's the latest research in the field? Lots of research going on in the field; what we would like to do is help people who don't have eggs. If you are out of eggs, we'd like to be able to biopsy your skin, turn the skin cell into an egg cell and make an embryo out of that and put it back into uterus. We are working on that, it sounds crazy but it actually has potential. So we are thinking about things like that. We are thinking about can we take out eggs out of who is 25 and freeze them for ten years, so when she is 35, she's got 25 years old eggs to help her get pregnant. We are working on that and it's coming along and it's showing some progress. We are not quite there yet; within the next 3- 5 years we'd hope to be there. We are also working on medications to help you make eggs that aren't injectable but are medications by mouth. You can take a tablet instead of having to take injections. Unfortunately, right now each tablet is the size of a great fruit, so it's not tolerable just yet. But we are working on making the process a little bit more convenient. We are working on getting the cost down, we are working on getting the success rates higher and we are working on technologies that will help more people.