Lamb of God Guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler - Guitar Lesson
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Lamb of God guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler show you how to play Set to Fail and Walk with Me in Hell.


Willie: Hey, I'm Willie. Mark: And I'm Mark. We’re from Lamb of God. Willie: We’re about to play Set to Fail. Check it out. Mark: Getting the most out of two chords. Willie: Best we can do. Mark: Alright, this is the chorus riff in Set to Fail, two, three, four. Willie: So hey, we’re back again, Willie and Mark from Lamb of God. We’re going to play same riff, the chorus riff from Set to Fail. It’s a little bit slower. We’re going to go on one, two, three, four. Mark: Is that slow enough for everybody? Got it? Alright. Willie: Alright, now we’re moving on. Mark: Alright, so here's the verse riff from Set to Fail and it’s a combination between the intro riff, your favorite two notes in the world and the chorus riff which we just had to play very slowly. Willie: Right, its bits and pieces kind of coagulated in one. Mark: Put them together and you got the verse. And it goes like this two, three, four. Okay, so here is the verse riff slower. Willie: Just one more time, bridge to Set to Fail in full speed by us, one, two, three, four. Mark: And here is all that, slower, two, three, four. Alright so, this is the break right before the guitar solo. It goes like this. Willie: Mark starts. Okay so, the rhythm part for the solo section of Set to Sail, one, two, three, four.