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Learn about the life, success and style of Belgian fashion designer Kris Van Assche.


Kris Van Assche Fashion Designer Profile Host: New on the fashion scene, Belgian born designer Kris Van Assche has emerged as one of the understated masters of tailoring, creating casual elegance for men and women. Born in Belgium in the mid 1970s, Van Assche graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts and moved to Paris in the late 1990s to live his dream and become a fashion designer. He received work at Yves Saint Laurent under the supervision of Hedi Slimane. Attuned in French fashion designer who also is creative director for Dior Homme, another label that Van Assche began working for. Although by 2005, Van Assche had begun to show his own designs and now heads his own designer label Kris Van Assche. He launched his third collection in Paris in early 2006 with an impressively tailored formal silver collection. He returned to the beginning of the 20th century and the formal family photos of the Belle E-Park period with classic tailored black suits, high trimmed these smart three quarter length wool coats, a little dickie bows and mono toned black and gray. This was then followed by a more relaxed look of leather blouse and jackets and small blazers, stripped polo neck sweaters, waist coats and big boots. Later that year at men’s fashion week in Paris, the young Belgian designer picked up the “his and hers” theme with his androgenous style interchangeable suits. Inspired by the Ricard Gere and Lauren Hutton couple in American gigolo, Van Assche’s Hello Girls collection posted white’s fronts, tennis sweaters and tuxedo style evening suits drawing comparisons to his mentor by showing his suits on 40 something women with slim hips. Van Assche in 2008 released his sand blue collection for the spring/summer of 2009. Balancing a nostalgic historical sense with radical modernism, he created a distinctive refined world of non- challant elegance. Sheer and inky black, navy blue and black pinstripe outlined the color palette as models enter the catwalk with religious icons tattooed unto their bodies helping highlight the theme of the collection. By 2007, Van Assche had become artistic director of Dior Homme, the men’s wear line of Christian Dior and presented his first collection later in the year. By 2008, it had appeared men’s collections were challenging the saying of boys will be boys, however for his collection, Van Assche said he was looking to deconstruct the three-piece suit with the aim of convincing young people today, young men today to wear that. Kris: It's always about the same thing. It's about deconstructing the three-piece suit and now to convince young people today, young men today to wear them because you're not going to make it with an old grandfather suit. Host: Highlights of the show included stripped suits and sequinned baggy faded jeans rolled above the ankle. Black suits that were anything but boring dominated his Dior Homme show at the beginning of 2009 with asymmetrical cuts, strap and metal work closures and beads and pleats creating and edgy bold silhouette that played on volumes and contrast. Receiving many fans in just a short amount of time, Van Assche’s Dior Homme show was watched by musicians Kanye West plus legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld who gave the collection his seal of approval. Since having launched his label, only a few years ago Van Assche has received array of good news with his attention to detail and sophisticated way of combining masculinity with femininity and old looks with modern styles. Kris Van Assche is definitely one of the new names in fashion to watch out for.