King of Fighters XII Tournament Behind the Scenes Video
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128 players gathered in LA to battle in a single-elimination, five-round tournament, for the grand prize of a limited edition The King of Fighters XII arcade cabinet imported from Japan. Who will be the ultimate King of Fighters?


Let’s finally give our king of fight, everybody. Hi, I am Kerry Fistell with Ignition and I am here at the biggest, baddest, roughest tournament for King of Fighter Club, so join me as we meet some of the of the top fighters and get to se some of the exclusive footage and meet some of the stars with the new KF movie so join me inside for a wild ride. Got 128 players all over the world to compete for they have never had a chance to play before. The winner goes home the exclusive King of Fighters XII arcade cabinet from us. My strategy for the tournament today is to go the first rounds with random characters and I am going get cocky by doing that rod. I think I could pull it off all the way to the finals. I am going to be playing at a very safe. For the first round, I am trying to give everybody straight game. So I am going to move the not one game from anybody right now. It can be a fun tournament. On this worth I am going to get the arcade machine home because I don’t have a pick up or large truck like that. I mean that’s my big boy right now. Well, what we’re doing here is the anti ER booth is that we’re making people look bloody and gross. Basically we’re making it famous to somebody who’s got their ass kicked in the King of Fighters game. I never tell you if Bryan makes it and these play sets where basically we give people the opportunity to get into the game. You know so I’ll photograph them two fighting each other and we put help wars all over it with their actual names so they can really sort of experience what it’s like to be the character within the game. I am very excited to see you, the King of Fighters fan page and with the premier of the new King of Fighters and I am really excited. I love this. There’s a lot of really saw people on King of Fighters in there. Everybody kick off the first round of the King of Fighters Club tournament. You know work with speed championship series. It’s like the number one fighting game tournament fighters in the whole world and they got these 128 really hardcore fighters. It’s been four years since there was a King of Fighters game so these guys are hungry. They want to play this game, they have a lot skill. And I was watching them fight and they already know of the system. They are doing critical characters. They’re doing deadlock attacks, reversals. It’s a whole high level at new. You know, what I think should pick up this game. It’s a really good game even if you haven’t played King of Fighters at all. I mean it’s still a great game. The whole system, everything about is great. For you Ignition and King of Fighters is the best game in the world.