Kinect Is New Advertising Platform for Microsoft
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Kinect, the new device for the Xbox console, which allows players to control the game with their untethered bodies, will be a significant, new advertising platform, says Carolyn Everson, head of global advertising sales for Microsoft. Everson came to Microsoft earlier this year from MTV. We spoke with her on Wednesday (11.10) at the Monaco Media Forum, the day Kinect was launched in Europe. Everson says that there are some 42 million Xbox live consoles installed worldwide.


Kinect Is New Advertising Platform for Microsoft Kinect is really exciting, I mean it is launching today in Europe, it had a big launch in the US last week with lines out the door at time in Time Square New York and I think it’s a really hotly anticipated product from Microsoft for this holiday season and you know as the advertising sales person, I’m thrilled with it because part of being a great advertising business is you first and foremost have to be a great consumer and audience business. And I think Kinect is going to take our 42 million units of X-Box and move that up substantially worldwide. Then it gives us the platform for advertising environments, I think the best example of what it can do is the partnership we launched with Chevrolet and their Volt car coming and that was a multi screen program where we literally created a game that people can pretend they’re driving a car including the Chevrolet Volt. It’s going to roll out to other cars as well, the Camaro and the Corvette and you have a real immersive experience because from an auto perspective, the thing that they want to do is actually get people in the car to do a test drive. So this is a virtual test drive and it’s obviously connected to other platforms as well. But frankly I think we’ve just scratched the surface on Kinect, we are sending Kinect’s to a lot of our creative partners and saying again, blank canvass, what would you do here?