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In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay sits down with former Good Morning America host Joan Lunden at the ABC Kids and Baby Expo. Joan is a mom of seven children and the inventor of the KinderKord. This patented safety product is a wrist to wrist connection to connect parents to their kids. Moms and dads keep their hands free while kids stay safe and connected. Keep watching DadLabs for reviews of other great baby products. DadLabs Ep. 558 is brought to you by BabyBjorn.


Daddy Clay: Hey there, welcome back to The Lab. I'm Daddy Clay here at the ABC Kids and Baby Expo in Las Vegas. We've got with us today an amazing special guest, long-time host of the Good Morning America show and mom of seven, Joan Lunden. Daddy Clay: Joan, thanks so much for being with us today. Joan Lunden: It's my pleasure. Daddy Clay: So what brings you to the ABC Kids Expo? Joan Lunden: Because I am now in this business. I'm an inventor. And my husband and I were out one day with our four little ones. I have a set of twins that's 4 and a set that's 6. They're 20 months apart, so you put those 4 down and they're all in different directions. And they were doing that one day in a store and my husband yelled into me in a dressing room. "There's got to be a better way." So, that became our challenge. If you don't like the leashes that are out there, which so many people -- they are object to. Then come up with another idea. And we came up with the KinderKord. The KinderKord, I've got one on you. Now this is a parent's one, this is a child's one. The child's has a cord that's only one foot long; that's for safety standards and you want everything to be safe. And then the parents -- we have one that's two feet long. The secret to this is really this little hook right here. This is what's patented. And we needed to find a way that you could hook up to your child and not let them run off that would always stay together and that would allow you to go in one way and one way only. Because one you're in, this has got a certain amount of tension on it, so there's no way that can come undone. Because with a safety product for a child, it has to be 100% infallible. You can hook up more than one child and believe me, we do that all the time. What it's really meant to be Clay is an extension of holding hands because that's kind of a hip, cool-looking way to feel like you keep your child near to you. And in today's fast-paced world, you don't want them running. It just takes one instance for them to run out in that parking lot. Daddy Clay: Everybody's got their specific parenting fear. Joan Lunden: Mine's parking lots. Daddy Clay: Hot water. Knives. I don't know what yours is. Mine is traffic and parking lots. So I totally understand the necessity for the product because I feel that anxiety in the parking lot. Joan Lunden: And every parent that walks by this booth has their story of when they became separated from their child. And how it just stops your heart. This allows you to keep them close at hand. Look, kids want to explore. They don't necessarily want you to hold their hand every second, but this allows them to have a little bit of latitude, not be able to get too far away. And yet you still feel like you know they can't get separated from you. Daddy Clay: Thanks for sharing the information about the KinderKord. And let's go to to talk about this product. Thanks for joining us here at the ABC Kids and Baby Show. We'll see you next time!