Kids Weigh in: Should a Non-NHL Team Win the Cup?
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If the NHL season is cancelled, should other teams be allowed to compete for the Stanley Cup? The Canadian Press asked players and coaches from a Montreal peewee hockey team, who got to see the historic trophy up close.


A Stanley Cup guardian says it would be a shame to see the historic trophy mothballed if the National Hockey League season is cancelled.Howard Borrow thinks that perhaps allowing non-NHL teams to compete for hockey's Holy Grail wouldn't be such a bad idea, if the lockout eventually wipes out the 2012-13 season.Of course, such a competition would have to be approved by the Stanley Cup's trustees, added Borrow, who stressed that he doesn't have the authority to make such a decision."I guess it would be exciting to try to have some kind of a mock tournament or something, where maybe somebody else might win it," Borrow said in response to a reporter's question Thursday at a Cup event in Montreal."People have always dreamed about maybe winning it, even if they don't play at the NHL level. It would be kind of fun, I guess."The prospect of another lost season raises the question: Does the Stanley Cup, a gift to the people of Canada and a piece of the national heritage, remain the exclusive property of a private New York-based company, the NHL?Fans have suggested putting the cherished piece of hockey hardware up for grabs at an amateur contest or even an international tournament.The trophy, after all, was a gift to be awarded to the top hockey team in the Dominion of Canada — long before the NHL began presenting it to its annual champion."The Cup doesn't really belong to anybody, it almost belongs to everybody," said Borrow, who was in Montreal to escort the trophy to a surprise event for a peewee hockey team."So, technically it could be played for."But Borrow doesn't know if it would ever happen.He said organizing another competition for the Cup could be a difficult undertaking and he believes that most Canadians would prefer to see an NHL club win it anyway."It's been such a long history of the NHL playing for it, I don't know if it would be right to have anybody else play for it," said Borrow, one of four official Cup keepers provided by the Hockey Hall of Fame to travel with the trophy.