Kids Jump Rope to Combat Obesity
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With childhood obesity rates skyrocketing, a camp in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has come up with a fun way to get kids more active and keep them healthy...jump rope camp for 5 to13 year olds. (July 10)


Source: APDate: June 29, 2012Location: Pennsylvania / New York City(Nat's jump rope)VOICEOVER:JUST JUMPIN' JUMP ROPE CAMP IN DOYLESTOWN PENNSYLVANIA IS TRYING TO COMBAT CHILDHOOD OBESITY BY TEACHING KIDS TO BE HEALTHY THE OLD FASHIONED WAY... BY JUMPING ROPE. SOT: Justin Pillmore, Camp Director"Jump rope is a unique sport. It's something that is inexpensive. It is something that kids can do anywhere. They can go to the beach with their jump rope. They can go to their front yard, their back yard, their basement."(Nats jump roping)THE PENNSYLVANIA CAMP TRIES TO TEACH KIDS, AGES 5 TO 13, THAT EXERCISING CAN BE FUN, AND HEALTHY AT THE SAME TIME.SOT: Justin Pillmore, Camp Director"The most important message is that we leave these kids with a lasting impression of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Have these kids see what it takes to be healthy."(Nats "one two three...")EXPERTS SAY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IS KEY TO FIGHTING CHILDHOOD OBESITY WHICH HAS MORE THAN TRIPLED IN THE PAST 30 YEARS ACCORDING TO THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTIONSOT: Dr. Marian Larkin, Pediatrian "Obesity does seem to be highest right now among kids six to eleven. This is kids who are in elementary school."THE ISSUE HAS EVEN BECOME THE CAUSE CELEBRE OF THE FIRST LADY, MICHELLE OBAMA, THROUGH HER "LET'S MOVE" INITIATIVE.SOT: Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States Washington, DC - June 5, 2012"This new initiative is truly a game changer for the health of our children."(Nats "Try to make it a little more obvious you are jumping side to side...")AT THE CAMP, JUMPING ROPE SEEMS TO BE SENDING THE SAME MESSAGE.SOT: Julie Rebstock, Jump Roper"Since I'm jump roping I know that I have to eat healthier to stay healthy and stuff." AND KIDS SAY JUMPING ROPE DOESN'T REALLY SEEM LIKE YOUR EXERCISING AT ALL.SOT: Brandon Ferraro, Jump roper"If jump roping is exercise than I love it."SOME ADVICE FOR PARENTS WHO ARE HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THEIR KIDS TO BE ACTIVE.Sot: Susan Ermigiotti, parent"Just give them something to do that they enjoy, and let them have fun with it. Let me them get their friends involved. And make it part of their lifestyle."AND WHAT BETTER WAY THAN THROUGH A PLAY GROUND PAST TIME.SOT: Brandon Ferraro, jump roper"I think it's really important to stay healthy, and it's just fun.(Nats jump roping)(****END****)