Kid's First Haircut
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In this episode of Quality Time, Daddy Brad meets with hair stylist Brandy Sheriff from Finley’s Barber Shop to discuss getting your kid’s first haircut. With all the combs and scissors and strange chairs, the first haircut can be a scary event for your kids. Make sure you take them to a good hair salon or barbershop and introduce them to your stylist. Pick a good hair style and let the captains of cosmetology work their magic.


When a gigantic stranger came to you with knives and a black stick, you would freak out too. On this episode of Quality Time, we are going to talk about taking your kid to get his first hair cut. Host: This episode of Quality Time is brought to you by Baby Bjorn, great baby gears and lots of cool colors, Baby Bjorn. I am pleased to be joined today by Brandy Sheriff, excellent stylist and she is going to help me out by talking about how to take your kids to get your first haircut. Hey Brandy! Brandy Sheriff: Hello! Host: How are you? Brandy Sheriff: Good. How are you? Host: I am good. I am good. Thank you for coming out today. Brandy Sheriff: Thank you. Host: First time you do things can be really dramatic. Is there anything that parents can do to prepare their kids for their first hair cut? Brandy Sheriff: Yes. First thing you want to do is you want to talk to your child before you take them in to get their haircut and prepare them and let them know maybe you get things that are going to happen, when they come into for the haircut, you want to introduce them with the stylist as a friend and you want to start showing them the tools and what they do and inter react and let them know what the scissors do and that these won't cut you. What I do is I am really friendly with the kids and I will let them know-you know my Hi my name is Brandy! And show them my scissors, show them they are okay, but trying to get their mind off. Host: Okay, the thing that goes around. Brandy Sheriff: Exactly with pretty colors. Try to get their mind off of the whole situation. Host: So when the kids are in the seat, they are obviously seating out some little- Brandy Sheriff: They have a little booster. Host: Booster, right. What can mom or dad do while you are cutting the hair? Brandy Sheriff: They don't want to be so involved, because the child tends to act differently when the mother is right at their close and once the child knows that everything is okay, the stylist can then finish the haircut better when the parent is not right there, looking at him in front. Host: And the kid knows that you are there, but you are not right there. So do they play with toys or stuff like that? Brandy Sheriff: Usually not, because what that does, as it they will start getting in their own zone and playing with it and they will move around so that makes it hard, but what I do is to try to keep them focused and let them know, look I am cutting your hair, so sometimes, if I need to move their head around, I will take my comb and I will move my comb around to a fulcrum point to where that they can move their head in whatever direction. Host: How long does a haircut take, usually if I am budgeting my time? Brandy Sheriff: Usually a good haircut and which is the key word, at least 30 minutes. Host: So where is your place of business? Brandy Sheriff: I work at Finley's Barber Shop in Lakeway, Texas, a lot of mothers bring their and fathers bring their kids into the shop because we make them feel really comfortable and they get their hair shampooed and hot towels and so we spoil and that we massage their back with the back massager, and so they get spoils and so it makes them feel really comfortable. Host: Well that's all for this edition of Quality Time. We would like to thank our sponsors Baby Bjorn, great baby gear, Baby Bjorn. I would like to also thank Finley's Barber shop in Lakeway Texas and Brandy Sheriff for coming and shedding the light for the parents on how to take your kid to have a great first haircut. If you have got ideas about how to take your kid to get their first haircut, or first disappointment or any first, go to and join the community and leave us a message, we would love to hear it. That's it thank you.