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Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally talks to Amanda Kingloff about kids birthday ideas to make your child's birthday special.


Rhiannon Ally: We all want to throw our kids a birthday party with that they’ll never forget. And since you know them best, why not do it yourself. I’m with Amanda Kingloff, Lifestyle director for Parents Magazine. She’s here with some creative and inexpensive ways to give your kids an original and memorable birthday party. Parents are always struggling with that. Amanda Kingloff: Always struggling and I think parents really struggle with “What do we do this year?” and really what we’re saying with this story is do something that they love. If they love animals, if they love games, if there’s a school subject that they love, focus on what they really love. Rhiannon Ally: Lots of kids love the animals Amanda Kingloff: Lots of kids love animals, and so this was our cat party. We had a lot of fun with the decorations. We did balloons, plates, and cups, or we just embellish with paper, little paper shapes switch onto everything into our cat. Rhiannon Ally: So it was pretty simple Amanda Kingloff: Pretty simple, all of the templates are in you can download them and it makes it really easy. Give them all a kiddy cat name tags so they all pick their own cat name for the occasion. Rhiannon Ally: That is so cute. Amanda Kingloff: So cute with the little bells Rhiannon Ally: Spikes, fluffy, and patch – adorable. So what if they love games? Amanda Kingloff: So they love games. We thought bingo is like a totally classic game and kids get it, they love it. So we did a place setting, making every placement like a bingo board. We made napkin wraps and cup labels based on the kid’s name and age. So if your child’s name is William for example and he’s turning five, do W05 instead of doing one of the typical letters. And then we came up with the human bingo game where you label each kid with the letter and the number. You draw a ball out of the hat and they take one step, and the first kid who gets to the end wins. Rhiannon Ally: Oh, I bet they had so much fun with that Amanda Kingloff: So much fun, yeah. Rhiannon Ally: What a great idea! Amanda Kingloff: Yeah! Rhiannon Ally: And next step, kids love to draw. Amanda Kingloff: Love to draw and are obviously is probably one of the kid’s favorite subject at school. And so for the activity, we thought why not learn to draw I supposed to just scribbling and what not. So we found this book called “How to Draw?” and basically it breaks down objects into their basic forms. And so if you get like a whiteboard and you do one shape, and then the kids follow you, then they end up learning how to draw a bicycle, a frog, a cat, whatever. Rhiannon Ally: Great idea! Amanda Kingloff: So fun, and then we made these little place cards at Popsicle sticks. And those are just stickers on old school name tags. They kind of look like a little frame. So the kids when they get there, they can actually put their name tag so the parents know who’s who because sometimes when we have 20 kids around, and then for the favor, we did a little pink pallet. Rhiannon Ally: So these are all very inexpensive? Amanda Kingloff: Very inexpensive, very DIY, and all the instructions and everything is on Rhiannon Ally: Thank you so much. This is so adorable. Amanda Kingloff: You’re welcome Rhiannon Ally: We love this. And for lots of other great Do it Yourself birthday parties, as she mentioned, go to