Kids Bake Sweet Treats at Culinary Camp
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Some kids are getting to bake their cake and eat it too at a Toronto culinary summer day camp. The young chefs learn a life lesson, and of course, they get to devour their creative concoctions at the end of each day.


Having your fingers in every pie can have a whole new meaning when young children get creative in the kitchen.Culinary camps are just the latest way kids can learn a life skill while having fun. Not only do they glean valuable knowledge about food preparation, but they also gain an ability to handle knives and other kitchen tools.Lisa Sanguedolce owns Le Dolci in Toronto, which aims to provide sweet treats along with foodie education."We think a lot of kids love baking and love watching YouTube videos on how to bake, so this has been a great experience for them to actually come and do things from start to finish. So they get to make their dough, create their fillings, create their pie and then take it home and eat it, so it's been a great experience for kids who've always wanted to bake," explained Sanguedolce in the midst of a recent class.The five participants, ranging in age from five to nine, were spending the day concocting their own strawberry pie, which they could tote home to tempt their families. Once the kitchen portion of the day wraps up, the kids do crafts such as T-shirt decorating or play games, sing or dance.Monet Parker, 9, says cooking "is just fun to do and then you can eat it after so it's fun."She'd made pie once before at home but found preparing the dough this day a little difficult, while Matthew Quinn, also 9, said creating the lattice top for the pie was challenging "because you have to make the strings straight. Otherwise, it's going to mess it up."Any pastry scraps were turned into cinnamon rolls. "I'm going to cook them and I'm going to eat them," Matthew added.