KidCo Mesh Window Guard Review
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Windows are one of the main child safety hazards in a home. In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy reviews a new safety product from KidCo designed to make windows safer for your kids. The KidCo Mesh Window Guard is expandable to fit a variety of window sizes and has no metal bars. It also has a quick release lever and meets all ASTM safety standards. DadLabs Ep. 588 is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to DadLabs. I'm your host Daddy Troy. Today we're at the ABC Baby Show in Las Vegas. I'm talking with Carol of KidCo and she's going to show us a product that will keep your kids from falling out of a window. Stick around, we'll tell you all about it. So Carol, I have this problem in my house right now. I've got a third story attic window. I'm always worried my kids are going to fall out of that. We've found a solution to the problem. Tell us all about it. Carol: Well this is a mesh window guard and the basic difference between this and the metal ones is there's no bar so you don't get the jail cell type look from the outside of the window. What's nice is that it does blend with the window decor but it's just as strong as the metal bars. Daddy Troy: How strong is it? Carol: It passes all of the ASTM standards. It was actually the first one to do that. That deals a lot with hang force and a push force. Daddy Troy: So if the kid were hanging on it, like this. Carol: Right, we have to simulate 60 pounds hanging on the bars. Daddy Troy: And how much going through? Carol: About 100 pounds which will simulate a 5 year old running smack dad into the middle of it. Daddy Troy: How do you guys test that? Carol: We test it with a jig that's actually constructed in our own facility. And then once we're confident that it's going to pass all the standards, and then we send it out to accredited lab to get certification for it for ASTM. Daddy Troy: Okay, so one of the things I like about this one a lot to tell our viewers, this one's so easy to use and it's so easy. Carol: A 5 year old can do it. It has to be that way because of the way the standards are written. Basically how it operates is you push in on the lever and lift up. Daddy Troy: Easy, piece of cake. Carol: Piece of cake. And you can actually do it from both sides so it doesn't matter which side. Daddy Troy: So you can actually latch on from this side as well? Carol: You can actually do it from that side as well. Daddy Troy: So if there's some sort of emergency in your home and you had to get out, you could take this off very easily. Even your 5 year old should be able to take this off pretty easy. And I can say from looking at it right here, that's the case. It looks really, really easy. Now not everybody has windows this size. Will it go up higher? Carol: It does not go up any higher. What we've done is we've taken the basic standard window sizes and have measured accordingly to cover up all of what would be open if the window was open fully. Daddy Troy: Sure Carol: But what it does do is it telescopes out from 26 to 40 inches. Daddy Troy: It'll open up that way if your window is wider. So Carol thanks so much for showing this. I really like this product. It'll solve a problem that I personally have at my home. I love it. KidCo makes some great products. Go over to We reviewed the stair rails last year. They're still great. We love those things. And we've also looked at the PeaPod over at So check us out. Thanks Carol.