Kid-Made Holiday Gifts
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Simple Living tips for wonderful holiday gifts made by kids.


Male: Essential information from Fine Living. Female: During the holidays, making gifts with kids is so much fun for them and for the adult that I think is helping them. It really builds their self esteem that they’ve done something that someone’s going to enjoy and most people that receive something that’s made by a child, they’re so happy to receive it. Cut out cookies is really fun for the younger kids because it’s kind of like playing with Play Doh and it’s really creative. I’ve done with older kids where they’ve written stories and you can have the story published like laminated and they can do pictures and that’s really educational and really fun for them. Gifts of time are great in particular for children doing it for a let’s say for a parent, a grandparent or even a neighbor and again, it’s very creative for them and self esteem building. It’s actually their time that they’re giving whether it walking the dog or mowing the lawn or taking out garbage cans. Kids love to give gifts. Male: Find more at