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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez talks about listening to your crew, the kelp paddy tip of the week.


Dan Hernandez: For this week's Tip of the Week, I want to talk to you little bit about that listening to crew, listening to the skipper. Now the skipper was telling us that as we slip on the scout paddies, not to throw in your line, wait till we sit, to throw in, and the reason he was saying that not that he is just one person catch fish on the boat, he wanted the whole boat to catch fish. So once he has the boat in the right position, everybody can cast out, we all have a good chance for hooking fish. If you don't listen to the crew, you cast too early, all you do is tangle up all the lines on the side, end up loosing a lot of fish, where you could have caught a lot more for the whole boat. Well that's this week's tip of the week is listen to crew. Well, we had a good time today fishing. It was a pretty good buy, fish counts have been way down recently, but on this trip, we did really good and lots nice Dorado, nice Yellow Tail, even a couple of Yellow Fin Tuna. I am Dan Hernandez hoping you enjoyed this week's episode of Sport Fishing, and hope you join us again next week. As we go looking for more of the best in Sport Fishing.