Kelly Rutherford at Nicole Miller- Fashion Week NY Fall 2010
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Yuli Ziv talks to Kelly Rutherford backstage at the Nicole Miller show during Fall 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.


Kelly Rutherford at Nicole Miller- Fashion Week NY Fall 2010 SC Style Coalition Presents Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York Fall/Winter 2010/11 Brought to you by Sorel Yuli: Hi Yuli here backstage with right after Nicole Miller show what did you think? Kelly: That it was amazing. It was very edgy and beautiful. I want all the coats. The coats are fantastic. Yuli: Right, and obviously you’re wearing Nicole Miller dress. Kelly: Yes I’m wearing Nicole Miller. Yuli: From the spring collection? Kelly: It is yeah. Yuli: The necklace is fabulous too. Kelly: It’s all Nicole Miller the whole thing. Well the shoes are Christian Louboutin but yeah. Yuli: What do you love about her collection on your clothes? Kelly: Well I think her collection are very easy to wear. They’re very feminine they’re really fun. Most of just are really colorful and nice, they’re just very easy to be honest yeah. Yuli: Is there anything else going on with you in your career and your life you wanted to share obviously Gossip Girl? Kelly: No absolutely nothing. Yuli: Your lying. Kelly: I go to work and I come home and I’m mom that’s about it. Yuli: Oh that’s— Kelly: They let me out every once in a while. Yuli: Any Gossip Girl Scoop? Kelly: It’s the truth. Yuli: Any inside scoop on the gossip girl? Kelly: You know I can’t I’m just going to be a Rollercoaster it’s really wonderful what they’ve come up with them and they keep surprising us so it’s really fun. Yuli: Please tell us you can stay together with Rufus? Kelly: I’m going to stay together with Rufus. Yuli: Thank you. Kelly: I don’t know if that’s true but you said it I didn’t. Yuli: Thank you so much. Kelly: You’re so beautiful. Yuli: Thank you. Kelly: Nice to meet you.