Keg Party for a New Dad
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DadLabs is taking up the mantle of stamping out fatherhood injustices. The dads propose that fathers should have a baby shower since a new baby setup dad can get expensive with all the latest gear. This video is brought to you by New Belgium Brewing.


Daddy Clay: Hey welcome back to the lab I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: Daddy Clay I think we ought to be all be all about stepping out fatherhood in justices here at the DAD lab or whoever we find with. Daddy Clay: Yes, sure whatever. Daddy Brad: Why men do not have baby showers? Daddy Clay: Because we do not want one. Daddy Brad: Dude that just because is called a baby shower. Daddy Clay: Not, I do not want a baby shower. Daddy Brad: Dude it is a celebration of a major life transition I mean it you have a bachelor party didn’t you? Daddy Clay: Yes which in no way shake perform resembled a baby shower. Daddy Brad: It is a celebration where you get to get lots of stuff. Why is it only reserved for women? Daddy Clay: You know I am still not. Daddy Brad: We need to celebrate with beer. Daddy Clay: I am in. You know Daddy Brad may have point here in all this Gears that Troy is always reviewing another show can get kind of pricee you may think about basic set up for an expecting dad right? You need to get a good diaper bag for maybe diaper dude. He has got to get a good rig for his car, a nice sturdy stroller good for outdoor activities like this right here and a good baby carrier you know a backpack or, or something like this baby Bjorn right here all that taking together which tell you about more than a grand, right? The ladies have this all figured out. They just work to social network and break in the goods. Why should not we. Now you cannot just go and throw yourself a party right. So you are going to have to pay this forward little bit right fellows? So pick out one of your dudes who is expecting throw him a bash. Daddy Brad: Consider this throw the dude out of a golf turn gather several persons have everybody kick in about 50 bucks over and above the green fees that way you get to play golf with your buddies drink beer and also you can buy them a wonderful gift like this bootsy stroller. You know these things come in a really handy after the baby’s can marketing with me. Come on want beer. Daddy Clay: Benefit poker tournament right everybody buys in 40 bucks winner the tournament gets the $20.00 gift certificate plays right. Two apple bees and the bank goes to the expected father to buy a car seat right everybody win except for Daddy Brad. Daddy Brad: Yes, right. Daddy Clay: What we got here? Couple of bitches. Daddy Brad: Three eyes is really the win suckers. What you got, what you got. Male: The upside down black hearts so— Daddy Clay: Is it five? Male: That means I get the car seat and the apple bees. Daddy Brad: Just a party get a keg get a bunch of bodies over house on 20 bucks then you get enough for I do not know a 529 plan or something. Hey I need another beer. Daddy Clay: All right gentlemen we have got a moral imperative here to go out and start writing a historical wrong by playing golf, drinking beer and gambling. Daddy Brad: And you put like that man it, it just-- Daddy Clay: No I love this, it is beautiful. The beauty of the thing is it is the best lock solid excuse you will ever have to go a party with your friends right all right sorry honey. I got a girl this dude shower. Daddy Brad: Do not call it a dude shower it is a baby cagier if you got a good idea for a baby cagier throw one for your buddy and drop us a comment let us know how it went. Daddy Clay: So do dad party. Set it also because it quite maybe I got a name for this also just drop us a comment if you do not think dude shower is a good idea to call that drop us a comment let us hear from you I think that is all for us here from the lab.