Justin Bieber - Stars Have Bieber Fever
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Hollyscoop.com talked to Jennette McCurdy, Lance Bass, Demi Lovato, and Danny Gokey at the 2010 American Music Awards Nominees Press Conference and finds out if they have Bieber Fever, their advice for Justin Bieber, and more. Interviews by Diana Madison.


Justin Bieber - Stars Have Bieber Fever Hollyscoop.com Exclusive Diana Madison: Hey everybody, I'm Diana for Hollyscoop.com. Here at the American Music Awards nomination for 2010, catching up with the stars to see who they are excited for this year. Have you meet up with Justin Bieber? Jennette McCurdy: He’s cool – he's cool, he’s really nice. I had met him before and I mean everybody loves his music because it sticks into you in your brain, and it never leaves. Lance Bass: I love the Bieber, he’s great. You know Eminem I think he’s definitely going to be leaving with the few those at American Music Awards. I'm really fond for Lady Antebellum. I love that group. I think they are amazing, so I mean great nominees this year. Demi Lovato: I'm really big fans of Eminem, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, there are some really cool names up there that I was really excited to see. I was like, oh yeah, go Rascal Flatts. Diana Madison: Do you want to collaborate with one of them? Demi Lovato: I would love to. All three of those people that I just named, it’s been totally do that with. Danny Gokey: I'm pretty come across the ocean. You know I don’t have any favorites. You know I'm – because I'm in the music industry myself, so I understand the pressure of, you know names. Because I think what people think is like, man, I hope my fans like me and am I get nominated. You know, it’s going to be nerve raking for an artist. But for them to get to this point and be nominated, it’s very exciting. I'm just kind of excited to meet them. I’m going to be on the red carpet, they’re going to be pulled up in the limos, and I’ll be like, what’s up. Diana Madison: Justine Bieber just had the same and saying, you know he got to feels like he doesn’t want to be famous anymore because it's so tough on it, I mean you – you know your favorites, you know what is like. Lance Bass: I mean its crazy especially at the young age, you know. We start as you know teenagers too. So it is very – it's very tiring, you know everyone is like “Oh you are a teenager, you can handle it”. No, it’s just as tiring as anything else, but I think it would be fine. The good thing about us, I had four of my best friends you know that. Diana Madison: Yeah. Lance Bass: We could do it together. When you’re solo, it's got to be harder. Diana Madison: You’re on Nickelodeon you see lot of young successful stars. How do you relate to that? Jennette McCurdy: I think you just have to stay grounded really and make sure, I mean I have a great family and they’re just having an awesome support. I mean they couldn’t care less about I mean and so – so I think that’s where all kind of starts and ends in and support to have good family, and good friends. Demi Lovato: I think it's too for him, and I -- you know it's typical of growing up in the public eye and you know, you’re a teenager so you’re making mistakes and figuring out who you are but there’s a camera on you with magnifying glass, so but, it's you know, it's just the part of it. I ask for this is my dream and you just kind of deal with it, you know. So good for him, he’s doing his thing and I support him. Jennette McCurdy: Hey guys, I'm Jennette McCurdy. Danny Gokey: Danny Gokey, and that’s the scoop. Jennette McCurdy: From Hollyscoop, yeah. Diana Madison: And that’s the scoop from Hollyscoop. I'm Diana and I’ll see you guys next time.