Julie Hession on How Parents Influence Career Aspirations
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In Chapter 5 of 21 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview, food entrepreneur Julie Hession notes how her parents balanced plenty of support with strict academic expectations in school. This teaches Julie and her brother work ethic. Her father pushes Julie to follow her passion in figuring out career options. As her food career shapes, she finds motivation in her parents' continual support. Julie Hession is the founder of Julie Anne's All Natural Granola Company.


Erik: What role has your family played in shaping your career aspirations? Julie: I have a very supportive family. I have – it's just four of us. I have an older brother and then my parents. My parents have always been very supportive. They've also been a little bit strict, you know? You know getting bad grades was not an option at all. You know, there was no, "Oh, it’s okay, you're kind of doing all right." You know, we had to get good grades. We had to study. My parents are both very academic so I think that that helped us form, both my brother and I, form the work ethic of you know making sure that you know we got done what we needed to do and did it honestly. And so that right there was important you know from an early age on just setting that foundation. That said they've never really pushed me in one direction or another you know? They never made me feel like I have to pursue this you know or something that's maybe more sensible or you know I have to go into this, go into a corporation, you know? My dad is the first person that ever told me to follow your passion and make money off of it. And I've always, you know, I know that's a huge phrase right now, you hear that all the time, but I heard that from my dad a long time ago. And you know, my dad's one of those people that, he doesn’t say a lot but when he says something I listen, you know, it resonates with me. You know, my mom and I talk everyday and she you know I take her advice a lot, too. But my dad is you know -- it's the kind of thing where you just – less is more sometimes. So – and then they have always been extremely supportive of everything that I do. You know very into you know they get in to all the contests, the cooking contests that I do, every little blog post that I write. You know, I know they’re reading them even if no one else is. So, and you know they make comments. And so it’s been huge to have them support it.