Juli Auclair's Family Vacation in Turks and Caicos
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Going on vacation with your children can be a lot of fun in Turks and Caicos. Watch how Juli's family enjoyed their vacation at the Beaches resort, including fun at the pool, water sports at the beach and a Sesame Street character breakfast.


Julie: Finding a vacation destination that will make the entire family happy can be a little tricky. But we have got the solution. Here at Beaches, you will find something that every one will enjoy. Beaches Resort and Spa in Turks and Caicos expose three villages; the original Caribbean village, the French village, and the brand new Italian village where all the rooms are suits. My husband Phil, son Dillon, daughter Dineila and I stayed in the Italian village. Dineila: This is own personal sink if I need to use it at night. Julie: Our suite lead right out to the beautiful Italian village pool. You know what's really amazing about this trip is that before we came here Dillon wouldn't even go near the water. But this pool is so incredible. It's so shallow, it enables to get right in and sort of float around and its about two inches deep. So we are going go home and he is not going to be afraid of the water anymore. And that's really exciting. Take a look at him in there. So once they had their feel of the pool, we decided to check out the Pirates Island Water Park and the best part, it's right on the grounds of the resort. Dineila: I want to go up now. Julie: Okay. Hang on. See if we can find daddy. We went on the lazy river and Dineila could not get enough of the huge water slide. But Dillon, well! He preferred to stay dry. His favorite part was the huge pile of inner tubes. I guess there really is something for everyone. Well! After all that excitement at the resort, it was time to hit the beach. The kids love playing in the sand and enjoying the beautiful blue water. Julie: All the water sports here at Beaches are included with your stay. So we took a hydro bike out for a spin and then went kayaking. Dillon is in a kayak. I love it. If you want a little one-on-one time to relax without the kid's Beaches has lots of kid's only activities like camp Sesame. At first Dillon wasn't so excited about spending part of the day at camp but eventually he really enjoyed playing soccer with the other kids. For kids ages six to twelve Beaches has a kid's camp where kids can hang out with other vacationers of their own age and participate in activities around the resort like pool volleyball. And don't worry, your teenagers won't feel left out. There's a special team hang out room with games like air hockey and foosball. And Beaches has the Xbox 360 Game Garage that's filled with game systems. I was a little afraid. I was going to loose Phil in there. While the kids are away you might be able steal some time for yourselves at the Beaches Spa and enjoy massage or one of the other spa services. Beaches is an all inclusive resort. So that means no worrying about paying for meals, snacks, or drinks during your stay. You can dine at any of the sixteen restaurants. We took the kids to the Komodos (ph) the teppanyaki-style restaurant where the food is cooked right at your table. After dinner we got to see the Sesame Street parade. The next morning we went to the Sesame Street character breakfast. Female Speaker: At this moment we do have cookie monster in the house and of course his other six friends will be joining us shortly. So if you favorite Sesame Street friend is Elmo, Savion, Abby Cadabby, Grover, Barkley, Ernie, whether it would be Cookie Monster, Well! Cookie monster is definitely here for you. Julie: It can't get better than this. It's so awesome for the kids However, all good things have to come to an end. So now I am doing a little packing while they take a walk around and check out Beaches for the last time. And I can't understand why I have more stuff now than when we got here? And I can't fit it on the suit case. Check it out. Look at all this. Our suit cases are absolutely stuffed. This one's just about full and I still have stuff everywhere that needs to go in. shoes, another suitcase. Let's place it over here. So I have a lot of work to do. I am going to get started and be on the plane in just a few minutes. Bye.