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Josie Lauren, star of the hit ABC family drama “Make it or Break it” is heading to the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. With the press watching, what an actress wears to an event can be critical for their public image. Josie invites Taryn from Cambio Style into her personal styling session where we get an intimate look at how the star and her stylist pick the perfect look for the star-studded event.


Josie Loren Karen: Hey guys. What’s up? I'm Karen from Cambio Style and we are hanging out here in the Hollywood Hills about to meet up with Josie Loren from ABC’s family hit show, “Make it or Break it”. So these had it to this 2010 Teen Choice Awards and of course she has to have the perfect outfit so we’re about to meet up with her and her team of stylists to find out what exactly she’s going to wear to describe herself on the red carpet. Teen Choice Awards -- Josie Loren: Yeah. Karen: What kind of look are you going for? Josie Loren: Actually, we’re just talking about that. Nothing too formal, I mean nothing long and fun and flirty, edgy so I'm just looking to have fun with this red carpet. Style? I think it’s unique to everybody and it’s whatever you feel best in whatever you feel most confident and most beautiful and -- yeah, just everyone has a different one. Karen: So what designers are these two that about -- Saba Salehi: So this is BCBG. They're a little runway collection. Karen: So who are some of the people you get style? Saba Salehi: Mischa Barton. We’ve worked with Eminem, like Kelly Rutherford, Christina Aguilera, and you know all different things not just celebrity so it’s cool because we get a little bit of everything and every job is different. Josie Loren: So this is Alison Olivia. It’s perfect almost anyone can wear this. Karen: Yeah. Josie Loren: This might be little too fun. Well, we can maybe edge up something. Saba Salehi: And like for this one, we can always added belt, you know what I mean -- Josie Loren: Yeah. Saba Salehi: -- and pair with booties so it’s like more casual unlike edgy and more pretty. Josie Loren: Okay, that’s what you need to do. Saba Salehi: Yeah. Karen: So if you’re ready -- to see this for us. Josie Loren: Yes. Karen: Oh my god, that’s was amazing on you. It’s amazing. Josie Loren: Yeah, I love it. Karen: First one, not too bad. Josie Loren: Not too shabby. Karen: Yeah, yeah. Josie Loren: I'm not going to stay in a problem if they're all like this. I know -- just make it choice. Karen: I know and it’s not about the problem to have. It’s like everything is amazing. Josie Loren: Yeah, and everything got. Saba Salehi: And these are really great necklace I feel, a kind of edgy up a bit. Karen: Yeah that’s cool. Saba Salehi: Come on out. Karen: Totally different than the last one. Josie Loren: Yeah. Saba Salehi: But totally change the whole look. Karen: So how do you feel on this one, do you like it? Josie Loren: Yeah. It’s just a completely different look so let’s just -- you kind of got to make -- totally in which way you want it. Karen: Yeah. Alright, let’s see your last outfit. Josie Loren: On to the neck. Karen: That’s cool. I love that. Josie Loren: A totally different looks again. Karen: Yeah it is. Josie Loren: You got to take three of this part. Karen: I’m so excited to do what should it go with. Josie Loren: If I just -- you know-- Karen: Isn't it lie stressing you thinking about it? You have three really great options. Josie Loren: Yeah. Karen: I’ll see you at the night of the Teen Choice Awards. I can’t wait to see what looking fit is. Josie Loren: I think after trying on the couple different things that they have showed me, I definitely know what I’m going to be rocking on the red carpet. Karen: Does anyone seen Josie? Oh, there she is. Hi Josie, how are you? Josie Loren: Good to see you. Karen: You’re looking gorgeous. Josie Loren: Thank you so much. Karen: I love the green. It looks amazing on you and your eye shadow is green too. It looks gorgeous. Josie Loren: Great job. I wish I could do it but I did this myself but I did it. Karen: This has been crazy. Are you excited? Josie Loren: It’s -- it’s been awesome. It’s been a little thrill. The response is crazy and overwhelming and it’s a pleasure to be here. Karen: I mean -- Josie Loren: An absolute honor. Karen: You look good. You look amazing and I love the green and have fun tonight. Josie Loren: Alright. I definitely will. Thank you. Karen: Okay, so we just met with Josie Loren and she picked the green. It looks amazing. It was probably one of my favorite the whole time. She looks wonderful. She love to have and we had so much fun in this episode. So, thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you next time. Bye.