John Cusack Gets His Hollywood Star
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Actor John Cusack is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with a little help from his sister, Joan Cusack, and celebrity friends, Jack Black, Billy Bob Thornton and Dan Aykroyd. (April 25)


SHOTLIST (including transcript):-AP EntertainmentLos Angeles, 24 April 20121. Wide of the unveiling of the star with Leron Gubler, John Cusack and Joan Cusack, Jack Black, Billy Bob Thornton and Dan Aykroyd2. UPSOUND (English) John Cusack/Actor:"We used to go to see double features of all the great filmmakers from the 50s and 60s and 70s and the European filmmakers. That's sort of where I fell in love with cinema. I looked up and I thought those guys telling these stories are pretty awesome and ... to come up and see my name next to Gene Autry is very surreal. I keep thinking about that Kinks song of Hollywood Blvd."3. Wide of John Cusack, Joan Cusack, Jack Black and Billy Bob Thornton posing for photographers4. UPSOUND (English) Jack Black/Actor:"Most actors don't give a crap about other people in the movie. They are looking out for number one, it's a cut throat every man for himself kind of biz. That's why I thank my lucky stars I got to work with such an incredible artist and a class act of a menchy good stuff potato of a man. Johnny Cusacko!"5. UPSOUND (English) Billy Bob Thornton/Actor:"You could actually stand right in front of people and say this is one of the best guys you will ever work with in Hollywood. He is an honest guy, he is a great actor, wonderful talented guy and a cool friend. One of the best humans you will ever meet in any field. So he deserves this and many other things. I won't tell you the things that he has done to me over the years in terms of practical jokes but he is the best at that too."6. UPSOUND (English) Dan Aykroyd/Actor:"John this is a great honor for you and well-deserved. You got Gene Autry and Dennis Day, some singers on either side of you. Maybe that will be a role you embrace soon. I love you man, thank you."7. Wide of Leron Gubler, John Cusack and Joan Cusack posing for photographers8. Pan left of Jack Black, Billy Bob Thornton and Dan Aykroyd posing for photographers9. Tilt up from star to John Cusak10. UPSOUND (English) Joan Cusack/Actress:"It is my honor to introduce the most thoughtful, kind and majestic human being I have ever met. A perfect soul sent here by the angels to grace us with thought provoking characters and unmatched comedic timing. Ladies and gentlemen, two time Academy Award nominee and the person who should really be receiving a star today, Joan Cusack."11. Wide of John Cusack posing next to star for photographers