Jessica Simpson Reveals Sex Of Her Baby: New Celeb Trend?
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Simpson made an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and let her baby's sex slip. She said the reveal wasn't planned.


(Image Source: ABC )   BY LAUREN ZIMA   Apparently the newest celebrity trend is accidentally letting your baby’s sex slip. Kate Middleton maybe might have almost sort of revealed that her baby was a girl or maybe even a boy earlier this week depending on who you ask and what they heard... But on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live! ’ Wednesday night, Jessica Simpson really, clearly, accidentally revealed her little secret — telling Kimmel she’d been sick during this, her second, pregnancy. JESSICA: “I never knew that a weiner could actually make me nauseous. Oh sh- I just said...” JESSICA COVERS HER MOUTH JESSICA: “I just told the whole world that I’m having a boy!” KIMMEL: “I didn’t even know what was happening!” ( Jessica laughs, crowd cheers) So, there you have it. Rumor has it the little guy will be named Ace, though Simpson wouldn’t confirm that on Kimmel’s show. But, she was ashamed of herself for the way she revealed the news -- saying later on the show... “I just did it so crude, too; that was awful. I'm talking about wieners." Of course, revealing her baby’s sex isn’t the only accident Jess has had when it comes to this pregnancy. Remember what she told Jay Leno in January? JAY: “Was this part of the plan? To have another child so quickly?” JESSICA: “Oh no. Apparently it was a part of God’s plan for my life.” JESSICA: “I was extremely shocked.” So, whole thing was an accident. In fact, UsWeekly reports Simpson says both of her pregnancies were accidental -- and she says she’s OK with stopping after this second baby. But hey, accidents happen.