Jessica Simpson Finally Gives Birth to Baby Girl
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Jessica Simpson finally gives birth to a baby girl, Maxwell, with fiancé Eric Johnson.


(Image Source: ABC News )   BY EMILY ALLEN ANCHOR LAUREN GORES   Well, Jessica Simpson is finally un-pregnant — she gave birth to a nine-pound, 13-ounce baby girl in Los Angeles Tuesday. It’s the singer and reality-TV personality’s first child with fiancé Eric Johnson, a former NFL player.   Simpson has been very vocal about her pregnancy.  She told Jimmy Kimmel on his show she had so much amniotic fluid that she’d be like a fire hydrant when her water broke.  ABC News says all Simpson’s tweeting and talking isn’t going to stop now that Maxwell is finally here.   The couple named their child Maxwell Drew Johnson.  Yes, Maxwell and yes, the baby is a girl.   Simpson was quoted saying her baby’s name wasn’t shocking.  But CNN reports — it’s getting a lot of attention.   “Does she, like CNN Showbiz, have an everlasting adoration for the R&B singer of the same name? Did she and Eric have Maxwell House coffee after conceiving? Whatever the reason, the new mom elected not to explain in the birth announcement she put out on the Web.”   So what’s next for this new mom? Her fashion lines raked in $1 billion in 2011, according to E! Online .  But will Simpson get more cash for her new baby girl?  E! Online says probably not.   It says the days of raking in the big bucks for baby pictures are over.  Simpson tried to sell confirmation of her pregnancy and her first baby photos for $750,000 but didn’t get any takers.   But US Weekly photo editor Peter Grossman tells TIME — he disagrees.   “Being a celebrity mom has more business opportunities than ever before…Now, it’s not just about selling your baby pics. It’s starting a clothing line or endorsing a stroller. The value of a celebrity mom has never been higher.”   Simpson has already cashed in on a newly inked $3 million deal with Weight Watchers.  A contributor for NBC’s “Today” says there’s no time for this mommy to put her feet up and enjoy maternity leave — it’s time to hit the gym.   “While it seems cruel and unusual to burden a new mother with the additional pressure of losing her baby weight so publicly, we look forward to seeing Jess handle it with her usual charmingly Southern aplomb: "No more fried Twinkies, y'all! My Daisy Dukes are waiting!"   Simpson and Johnson had initially planned to get married before Simpson’s due date but decided to postpone the wedding until after Simpson had the baby.