Jack in the Box Wants to Serve You a Bacon Shake
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Jack in the Box has plans to offer a bacon milkshake, but some consumers aren't impressed.


(Image source: Jack in the Box )   BY DAVID EARL ANCHOR LAUREN ZIMA Bacon-wrapped shrimp. Bacon on a baked potato. Bacon with eggs. We live in the age of bacon. But now, with your bacon cheeseburger … you can get a side of fries … and to drink ? ABC News writes, “It’s the bacon milkshake, and it’s the brainchild of the Jack in the Box fast-food chain.” It’s just the latest culinary concoction Jack in the Box cooked up as part of its “Marry Bacon” campaign. Check out this TV spot... “Mom...I’m getting married. Who’s the girl? It’s not a girl … it’s bacon.” Okay. Marrying bacon to a burger is pretty standard, but bacon in your ice cream? How’s that taste? CNBC took to the streets to see if people are actually beggin’ for bacon shakes . “It’s not my favorite and I love bacon. Bacon’s good with everything, and I’m a diabetic. I actually like it. I love bacon, but I never thought I’d like it cold.” Some like it, some don’t. The foodies at Chow.com note — the shake doesn’t contain actual bacon . “As far as the … cultural identifier masquerading as a 773-calorie beverage goes ... ‘bacon’ ought to be set off with quotation marks, since it contains no pork, only ‘bacon-flavored syrup,’ which is technically bacon-less.” http://www.chow.com/food-news/105207/jack-in-the-box-bacon-shake-is-bogus/ So, good news for vegetarians, but if you want it, you’ll have to ask for the bacon shake by name. Jack in the Box says it’s not sending out any special menu signs for the specialty item. And is the bacon shake special? The Huffington Post did a little research... “We couldn't find any other examples of major chains serving bacon milkshakes in the past. But Denny's has been serving a bacon sundae since April, so Jack in the Box isn't the first chain to hop on the bacon dessert bandwagon.” In more shake-related news: The bacon shake announcement comes at the same time rival McDonald’s announced that its seasonal Shamrock Shake would go national for the first time ever in Spring 2012.