Jack in the Box VP Michael Verdesca on Helping Franchisees
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Bruno interviews Michael Verdesca, Director of POS Systems for Jack in the Box who explains how Jack in the Box is helping the franchisees by giving them the BI they need


Jack in the Box VP Michael Verdesca on Helping Franchisees Bruno Aziza: Hi, I'm Bruno Aziza and I'm sitting down with Michael Verdesca who is the VP of system development of Jack in the Box. Thank you for your time. Michael Verdesca: My pleasure. Bruno Aziza: So you have been the leader on how to approach -- the service you provide in your franchises. You want to tell us a little bit about how you're doing? Michael Verdesca: Everything in the restaurant, the technology the point of sales, back office system and it’s -- we provide everything for it and with the service that we upgrade in support and do all those things. So, our franchises don’t have to worry about technology for the restaurants, we can provide all of them. Bruno Aziza: What types of reports could you expect to be provided for them by this infrastructure? Michael Verdesca: Well the biggest benefit is because they now have the same system we get all the data from everybody everyday. So that enables us to do a great job of reporting back to them. So everyday when they come in, in the morning they have sales and metrics from the previous day. So we do some combination reporting of sales, transactions, voice if the guest which is how satisfied every guest is as well as speed of service as well as exception to reporting. So we have it first thing every morning for all the restaurants and we have operators to one restaurant all over the 200 restaurants. Bruno Aziza: And so with the large amount is it possible to construct. How do you get to the best reports best of all for these people? Michael Verdesca: Well it’s one thing I think we do actually with a great set of franchise operators who are really engaged and really work with us. So we have a group of volunteers that become our franchise during committee and they meet with us monthly and we talk about ideas. And people come up with well I have a report that does this, what are you guys doing? We talk amongst ourselves. And their leverage gives experience. So we got to find the best practice whether it’s our company restaurants or franchise operators we find who’s doing it right and we leverage that experience and show it with everybody so that’s where we get our ideas. We develop it first based on what the individual operators wants and as a group they help us decide together. Bruno Aziza: How do you engage with the user of these reports? Michael Verdesca: Well there are two things, one is the group I told you about that were actually -- they're kind of champions so they're very well respected in the community so I made out things and they had to handle it and they go back to their operators and say look, this is -- they took our ideas and they have it. So we have communication meetings a couple times a year. And we do have franchise operators and as an example they go about a bunch of exception to this reporting. And we have an hour and a half session and we did it about 30 minutes or kind of a classroom training would introduce the idea of the reports and what they do and then we had an hour that was hands on. They brought their laptops, they gather and they look at the data from their own restaurants. And we -- my BI team and as well as some other business users who help us about this report is locked around the room and help people understand their reports. And there's actually somewhere we got a little trouble because we couldn’t end the session. They don’t want to leave, they had more questions. So it was really successful and we have a lot of buzz. Bruno Aziza: You're focused on what these employees are supposed to go out and do. In your case it is very efficient and you have the reports that allow them to get great visibility. Well thank you very much Michael for your time. Michael Verdesca: My pleasure. Bruno Aziza: Until next time. I'm Bruno Aziza.