Jack in the Box CIO Debra Jensen on Empowering Franchisees
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Bruno Aziza Interviews Debra Jensen, Vice President and CIO of Jack In The Box, they talk about the trends in BI for the company and how they are using BI to empower their franchisees.


Jack in the Box CIO Debra Jensen on Empowering Franchisees Bruno Aziza: Jack In the Box is one of the most innovative organizations in retail and the fast food business. And BI is no exception. We’re talking today to Debra Jensen the CIO of Jack in The Box. She’s one of the top executives, she in fact was recognized at the top IT executive in 2010. She’s going to tell us how to use this BI when, and how you could use to. That’s next on bizintelligence.tv. So Debra thank you very much for your time. You’ve seen many things in your career. In your mind, what are the big trends can you tell in business intelligence? Debra Jensen: Well for us, the trends are about being able to -- being in control of your business to understand the key metrics and to be able to track the trend where you're going and to look at where you're -- to be in a relationship to sales margin and the customers. Bruno Aziza: And margins are very important as well in your business. Your company is going through, and business changes. What are you doing specifically at Jack in the Box? Debra Jensen: Well Jack in the Box was primarily a company on the restaurant company up until about four years ago. We've been executing on a new franchise and strategy. So we are now a little lower 50% franchised and going up to as high as 80% over the next several years. So that significantly changes our business model. Bruno Aziza: And so what other things that you're doing and how are you using business intelligence to I guess -- and probably your franchise is to do a better job? Debra Jensen: Well in the franchise business you want to attract new franchisers to you in order to deal to execute a new franchising strategy so it’s about the types of things that you do that they would see you as a benefit to franchise with. Our BI strategy is very -- the key to that and that we are able to provide to our franchises tools that let down manage and monitoring the business more closely and so it’s really more on overnight sales, it’s looking at trending a new restaurant to manage the environment it’s a very intensive environment and you have a lot of turnover so you need to manage to closely the level of activity that you -- sales people are doing and now you're achieving your sales goals and your customer service goals. Bruno Aziza: While the folks in the locations are very focuser on operational excellence it seems you are very focused here as well on your customer satisfaction making sure that you're not just providing more that you also provide the best type of service. Debra Jensen: The recession that everybody has been going through the sales challenges that everybody is after has made our industry the -- you have focus on the guest. We really want to give great customer service. Now it’s not just about the food it’s that people feel welcome, they feel that they're given a good experience and that they want to come back. As with those of some the areas well we’re going to be looking at even more focused over the next year. Bruno Aziza: Great. Well thank you very much again Debra for sharing the innovative practices with us. Debra Jensen: Okay.