Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?
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Learn how to determine if your baby is getting enough breast milk and how to increase your milk supply.


Melanie Raposo: Hi everybody! I'm Melanie Raposo and welcome to Mommy's Minute. Some of the mothers worried that their babies aren't getting enough breast milk. One of the biggest concerns is that bigger breast produce more milk which is false. However, smaller breasted woman have an easier time breast feeding. To make sure that your baby is getting enough milk, it should gain 47 ounces a week after the first four days of life. If you're baby is loosing weight consult your physician immediately and remember that milk comes on demand, so expressing milk when you're away from your baby makes more milk come. One good tip to increase milk supply is using Brewer's yeast which is rich in B vitamins, Iron and protein. Mix about 1 tablespoon in your drink and you're good to go.