iPods for Tots: What Parents Should Know
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Did Santa bring your 7-10 year old an iPod? Here are a few tricks Dads should know: How to set volume limits, and good sources of bearable kids music for younger listeners. Are iPods contributors to premature media saturation or a parent's best friend? Yes!


Said I brought my second great daughter, an iPod they may be wondering what the joy over the office doing and creating greater media exposure for small kids, but you know but the right plan settings, this will give us more it can be a great alert for tots. Hey welcome back to quality time and brought to you as all ways by baby Bjorn, I'm kind of dealing them little pink potty. We are going to pick these go and on it works surely any way back to the iPod, so the first thing you want to do is limit lock the volume, as we know that it goes into your head phones they can be has a visible long hour of the kids we are listening the volume all quiet up you don't thing, do your kids notice how loud things are mind the TV all the time. Scenario So from then go to menu once your settings, play back, volume control and then you just scroll it up to the volume that you are comfortable with your kid I usually go back between 60-75% afford and then you can see the option to either lock or unlock this way you can preplanned or control so now I lock it then I can play the pass code that I decide ahead of time and end the numbers and once I do that, here we turn and now the volume is limit. When it comes to dial up what you are going to load on in this iPod, a kind of music, well I think you must be away from sticky stuff, a stuffs dangerous is addictive, as soon as the hear once a way at all the times, stick with the premium grade kids music like, so hit that, try fishing a net, your mc Donald, if you want find at the ladies include kids music try up zooglobble.com then you will get cool kids music, don't go for sticky stuffs. You know what else like sound tracks, sound tracking car is pretty good, it's a good that you find a collection music that's kids finally that they like. So sound tracks is a good way to go then finally you got a suitable kids or do your own collection of old CD's explain to them why you're they are still this need the Junior walk, so then you are going to want to load on simple game, miss pack Maris pretty easy and then you go on and put at episode into some classic you want to grow this cartoons like, bugs bunny or something like that and then miss baby is a loaded up and ready for car trips waiting rooms and all other frigid situations. As with all the media troops in your house your own time on the iPods you got to be observed and limited with your kids. You know set up discrete amount of time they can spend listening to it, and may be what kind of check up procedure, if they seem they may be using it too much, I found with the younger kids still not a problem. If you got ideas about how to manage kids in iPods please join the conversation at "dadlabs.com". That's offer us a quality time thanks to our sponsors baby Bjorn, if you think the engineering in the school you want to get these most, not to see a travel crib light.