Ipod Touch Review - A Family Friendly Portable Media Player
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Gear Daddy reviews the iPod Touch, and demonstrates how to use the portable device as a family friendly portable media player. Download movies, educational apps, and video games for your kids. Troy reviews the parental controls that include internet protection, volume controls and feature controls, and highlights some of his favorite family friendly apps.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to gear daddy I'm your host Daddy Troy and today we are going to talk about the iPod Touch. It's basically an iPhone without the phone and specifically we are going to talk about the educational value in owning one of these as a family. Today's episode is sponsored by BabyBjorn, some of the best designed baby gear on the planet. You can think of the iPod Touch basically as a portable computer. It does everything a computer does as a web browser, it has a calendar, it has email. The iPod Touch is great for families. If you are on a playing like this summer or taking off for a trip it plays movies. As you can see right here this is a movie we have loaded upon to this particular one. This is the movie cars, and if you are worried about your kid not watch a screen this size it has a really high pixel density a lot of brightness on it. If you have two kids you can get a splitter from a place like Radio Shack has split it out into two headphones. One of the great things about iPod Touch is that it has a lot of parental controls. Number one you can totally lock your kids out of the iPod Touch if you want to. Number two you can give password to get into it and but then you can have a separate password for some of the other controls. For instance it has a volume inhibiter on it. You can set the max amount of volume on the iPod touch. It has some other parental controls on other features such as you can ask it do not to play any songs with explicit lyrics; you can turn off the web browser. Since YouTube is a separate program on the iPhone and the iPod Touch you can have it turn off YouTube as well. You can have it turn off iTunes if you don't want your kids listening to music and you can keep your kids from installing any new applications. Although your access to the App stores actually eliminated by your own password that shouldn't be a huge problem. Now we called the iPod Touch for a reason, you manipulate the screen by actually touching it. This could be really good for a kids, eye, hand coordination. There's a game I have loaded on here called Bubble Head. And I'm going to show you this game right now for kid, when play this game He or she would actually have to use their fingers in order to play the game. Another game you can see that we loaded here is called Scoops. And the iPod Touch not only has a touch screen but it has an accelerometer. It knows when you tilt the screen back in forth, so not only you --develop some finger coordination, you can also develop some hand eye coordination as the kid actually tilts the whole machine back in forth. There also lot of educational games that you can download for the iPod Touch. Here are a few that I really love that my kids also dig. Here's probably my favorite one of all time is called Star Walk and this is an app that you actually have to buy its not free. A lot of the apps in for the iPhone and iPod Touch store are free. However this one right here, actually requires something like four ninety-nine. And you'll see the coolest thing about this is that it knows where you are, and it shows the stars where you are. You can actually tilt up and down and as you go up and down as a new constellation comes into a view. The actual creature that was originally assigned by human culture to that particular constellation starts to fade in and fade out. So if you for instance went to Cassiopeia you will see that constellation appear. It's really beautiful. This is one of the more sophisticated programs that my kids really love to use for the budding astronomer. Another application my kids like is this game called Math Zombie. This is for a kid who's learning to add, and it requires that you go through a bunch of numbers on the screen and figure out how they will add up to a certain sum. I know that parents might think this is something that kids won't enjoy but a kid is learning to add this great moment really digs a game like this. So here is Scrabble, my kid loves to play Scrabble we pass it back in forth and I help him lot time spell some other words. You can see right here we were playing yesterday in the car while I waiting for my daughter to get out of gymnastics. And he was really happy that he got both Q and u and he was able to spell quack really, really excited about that. The iPod Touch is not only educational for kids but also for parents. Here we have come into play it has the Dadlabs, iPhone or iPod Touch application in which we push videos to you about parenting. I don't think this will excite your kid's lot but you as parents can watch those videos. Today episode is sponsored by BabyBjorn and I say this will all sincerity my two favorite products or Apple products as well as BabyBjorn products, once you use them you know what good design is all about. If you have some iPod Touch or iPhone applications that you really like that your kids like let us know over dadlabs.com. We have a discussion in the forum about iPod Touch and iPhone apps for kids. We'll see you next time on Gear Daddy and all week long on dadlabs.com.