Iowa Police Officer Aids in 'Special Delivery'
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An Iowa man who was pulled over for speeding as he rushed his pregnant wife to the hospital said he was determined to keep going despite the traffic stop. The police officer helped deliver the baby, then escorted the family to the hospital. (March 18)


SHOTLIST:KCRG - CourtesyIowa City, Iowa - March 10, 20131. Various Dashcam shots of traffic stop2. NATSOUND OF Ashley Rathjen: Mother (Transcribed Below)3. Various shots of couple holding baby4. SOUNDBITE: Ashley Rathjen / Mother (Transcribed Below)5. Med of couple holding baby6. Dashcam video of officer helping with delivery 7. SOUNDBITE: Kevin Wolfe / Iowa City Police Officer8. Officer holding baby9. Tight shot of baby10. Dashcam video of officer and husband outside vehicle11. Wide shot of couple in their living room with police officer12. Tight shot of babyVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:THIS WAS NO ORDINARY TRAFFIC STOP EARLIER THIS MONTH.IT HAPPENED IN EASTERN IOWA.NATSOUND:"oh, my god, he's here....he's here..."WHEN TYLER RATHJEN JUMPED OUT OF THE DRIVER'S SEAT AND RAN TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAR....HIS WIFE ASHLEY WAS GIVING BIRTH TO THEIR THIRD CHILD....A BABY BOY.SOUNDBITE: Ashley Rathjen: MotherI'm sure it will be his life story to tell everybody how he had this grand entrance."HIS FATHER WANTED TO KEEP DRIVING. BUT AFTER HE STOPPED, THE OFFICER HELPED WITH THE DELIVERY.SOUNDBITE: Officer Kevin Wolfe / Iowa City Police Dept. "we were all having a different experience. I was having a pull over speeding car experience. And he was having a explain to the police officer why he's speeding, and she is having a baby all by herself"LITTLE OWEN WEIGHED-IN AT 7 POUNDS 12 OUNCES. SOUNDBITE: Officer Kevin Wolfe / Iowa City Police Dept. "Nicely done...I've been there for four of my own...that was a quick one."AFTER OWEN WAS DELIVERED, THE OFFICER ESCORTED THE FAMILY TO THE HOSPITAL....WHICH WAS ONLY TWO BLOCKS AWAY.SIGOUT - Sandy Kozell/Associated Press