Iowa Man Owns 12,000 Golf Balls
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An Iowa man who started collecting golf balls as a kid says he now has more than 12,000 of them in various rooms of his homes. He finds most of them on a local golf course, cleans them up and sells them on his front yard. (May 24)


[Notes:Dubuque, Iowa - Courtesy: KCRG/Embargo to Cedar Rapids market]AN IOWA MAN IS GETTING ATTENTION FOR WHAT SOME MIGHT CONSIDER A PRETTY WACKY HOBBY. CLETE (CLEET) MEYER COLLECTS GOLF BALLS.nikes...Look at all the Nikes I got there. I got one two three four...6 buckets of Nikes. I got Pinnacles there. I got lots of golf balls. How many? I'm guessing in between 11 and 12 thousand all together.HE'S GOT NAME-BRANDS... STATE LOGOS...AND EVEN A FEW TO PUT YOU IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRITHow about a Santa Claus?AND THEY ARE IN NEARLY EVERY ROOM OF HIS HOUSE.HE SAYS THE HOBBY STARTED WHEN HE WAS JUST A YOUNG BOY.My brother would take me looking for balls and he'd give me a nickel piece and sell it for a quarter piece so he ripped me off.NOW MOST OF THE BALLS COME FROM A NEARBY COURSE.MEYER SAYS HE GOES OUT ONCE A WEEK AND FINDS HUNDREDS.I use this soap. This is lava soap. I take and brush them. I do every one of these golf balls I got I wash by hand. Every one of them.AFTER HE POLISHES THEM UP...HE SITS HERE ON HIS FRONT LAWN...WAITING FOR THE RIGHT BUYERSMEYER SAYS HE SELLS THE RECOVERED BALLS FOR ABOUT ONE-THIRD OF THEIR ORIGINAL PRICE...AND HE HAS SEVERAL REGULAR CUSTOMERS.____________________, ASSOCIATED PRESS.