Involving Family And Friends With Your Resolutions
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Gary Ryan Blair discusses New Year's resolutions and if there are ways you can involve your family and friends with your resolution


Host: Are there ways I can involve my family and friends with my resolution? Gary Ryan Blair: Are there ways that you can involve family and friends in resolutions? Without a doubt and one of the best ways to do it really is to look at this from a standpoint of creating a cause. What I mean by a cause is that a cause-inspired vision is something that gets a group of people, a large magnitude of people. Let me give a couple of examples. There is lot of people walking around with these yellow wristbands. This obviously is from Lance Armstrong talking about his causes to help find a cure for cancer and he is raising money. You look at the gentleman by the name of Jerry Lewis who is so much involved in muscular dystrophy that is his cause. Mary Kay, a woman who passed away a few years ago, was so interested in the cause of empowering women, to provide economically for their family and give them the business. Henry Ford, he was driven by a cause-driven vision, if you will of democratizing the automobile and if you take the time to look around you, what you’ll realize is that a cause-driven vision in this case a cause-driven resolution is something that can inspire the masses, your family, your friends, and other people. So, what you need to do is you need to take your resolution and find a way to turn it into a cause that’s bigger than yourself. Turn it into some type of way that’s going to impact the world, impact your family that in some way should perform, everyone is going to benefit and a good example is, if you have a family and everyone has diabetes or perhaps is overweight or has a smoking issue, look for a common element and that they’re all suffering from are all repeat in yourselves and turn the solution of that into your cause-driven resolution.