Introduction to Heaving To - Storm Tactics
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Lin Pardey introduces the storm tactic of Heaving To, a tactic that has the ability to break the power of the seas. From STORM TACTICS, 84-minutes. Download for just $12.99 for Windows Media and QuickTime at Storm Tactics delivers the skills you need to weather storms with confidence. It's the next best thing to having Lin and Larry Pardey onboard, coaching you on storm tactics as the seas build and the rigging howls.


When I met Larry Pardey, I was a complete neophyte to Sailing. And he opened an absolutely amazing spell. He told me about Sailing off toward freedom. And I fell for his wonderful story. And I started helping him build his boat. And then one day, I thought about storms. What about storms? My imagination did run wild. I thought of clutching the tiller as we ran before raging winds, shrieking rigging, dark of night, waves crashing about us, spray flying across the deck. And, if I made one false move, I could kill us all. But I was lucky. Larry Pardey had sailed with some of the real experienced professional sailors. Men like Bob Sloan, and he'd learned of something that sounds almost like magic. A tactic that actually has the ability to break the power of the seas. And he told me about heaving-to.