Introduction to Flickr - #9 - Your Profile Tabs Explained
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Molly McDonald, AKA DemoGirl, delves deeper into Flickr using the profile tabs and demonstrates how to find and found groups, connect with your friends as well as see some of the interesting Flickr features that are available once you get bitten by the Flickr bug.


Welcome back to the introduction to Flickr series. On your Flickr homepage, you’ll see tabs up at the top that can take you to different parts of the site. The home tab will take you to the Flickr homepage where we are now. If you click on the drop down arrow next to the You tab you’ll see that you can access our photo stream, your sets, your archives, your tags and your map. I’ll go over your map in the 10th episode in the series. You can also access your favorites and if you have a pro-account in your stocks. This is also where you’ll see your recent activity, upload photos, view your account, your profile and access your Flickr mail. The organize tab will take you to all of your content, your most recent uploads, your photo sets and your map. The contacts tab is where you can find your friends most recent uploads, your contact list, do a search and invite your friends. The groups tab is where you can access your groups, seeing the changes made to your groups and search for groups. The explore tab is full of ways to find different and exciting content on Flickr. For example, you can view the last seven days of interesting photos from all of Flickr, a calendar with random Flickr photos, and you can also access the Flickr blog. In your photo steam you can also access your popular photos, your favorites, your archives, your tags and your sets Remember, there are 10 episodes in this series so don’t forget to check out the other episodes in the introduction to Flickr series.