Introduction to Flickr - #2 - Setting Up Your Flickr Account
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Now that you've signed up for your Flickr account, it's time to get personal. Choose an image to upload and use as your buddy icon, select your own personal Flickr URL to share with family and friends and input as many or as few personal details as you'd like to share with the Flickr community at large.


Welcome back to the introduction to Flicker series. After you’ve created your Flicker account which I covered in the first episode in the series, you want to personalize it with your own touch. You can choose a photo from your computer to use to as your buddy icon. Your buddy icon is what represents you when people are viewing your Flicker profile. You can use the default image provided here or choose your own, click on Choose an Image from your computer. Click Browse and select an image from your computer then click on Upload. Your buddy icon is small so take the box, drag it over the area you want to use and resize it as needed. Then click on Make the Icon. Next, you can create a custom URL that people can use to access your public Flicker profile and photos. These can’t be changed later so make sure you pick one you like, it also needs to be original. So, the one you like is taken, just choose another. Last, you can personalize your profile with information about yourself that you want to share with the Flicker community. You don’t need to enter anything you don’t want here so just share what you like. Remember, there are 10 parts to the series, so don’t forget to check out the other episodes in the introduction to Flicker series.