Introducing Your New Baby to a Sibling
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Shannon: Hi! Welcome to Mommy Matters! I'm Shannon with, here today to talk to you about how to introduce a new sibling into your home. The key is to not let baby number one feel like they're being replaced. Of course, there are all kinds of concerns about creating jealousy issues and how to handle this delicate matter. The bottom line is every house and every child is going to handle it differently. What's right for your child may be different for somebody else, but I'm going to give you a few tips that might help you out. First and foremost, you want the baby your baby number one to feel some ownership of the new baby and not feel that they're being replaced. Give them some responsibility and help them get excited about this new baby. One of the great ways to do that is when you're deciding when to announce to the big brother or big sister that this is the case. If there's a new baby coming to their home, you can do it in a really fun way. So there's all kinds of ways out there, different products -- there are little card announcements that are out there and there's also really great activity kits that kind of help the big brother or sister understand the change that's about to come to their home and help them get really excited about it. You want to help them make some decisions about what's going on in your home, maybe, whether that's selecting the bedding or the color for the room, or when you're at the store and you're going to buy a little crib toy or stroller toy. Maybe let the big brother or big sister make that choice. So it's almost like a gift from them to the new baby. There are countless books out there about becoming a big brother or big sister and there are even classes on how to, kind of, ease the transition and it helps them get excited. So, this is all really great. The other thing to think about is the actual introduction. When the big brother or big sister are coming to hospital, it's key to not actually have mommy holding this new baby at that very first moment when the big brother walks in. If you can find a way to have the baby, maybe lying in bassinet for a moment, it just kind of helps the big brother or big sister with that transition to see that the new baby is not in your arms being replaced. They're not being replaced at that very moment. So there's a lot of great tips out there, lot of things to help ease this transition. I hope this is helpful information. For more tips on how to ease your big brother or big sister's mind, go to Thanks and have a great day!