Introducing the Saint Louis Children's Hospital Channel
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In this video, we learn about the Saint Louis Children's Hospital Channel and where to get information on cancer.


Female Speaker: Welcome to The Pulse 2.17, in this episode we will talk about the disease that plagues our country and our world, cancer. We've all been affected by it in some way and in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; we take the time to remember the children across the United States, who fight against cancer everyday. Find-a-Cure is dedicated to bringing awareness to childhood cancer. With nearly 13,000 children diagnosed with cancer each year, they know the importance of helping young patients fight this battle. Here are the stories of these amazing children who refused to give up hope and learn how you can get involved to show our children they're not alone. While these children are all survivors and fighters, not everyone will win the battle, but it won't be for a lack of trying on the part of the patients or their care givers. Browse icyou to learn about the hospitals across the country, dedicated to helping kids with cancer beat the odds. On the St. Louis Children's Hospital channel, you'll learn about the latest advances in cancer treatment and meet the doctors who've dedicated their lives to finding a cure. You can also see how young patients have their spirits lifted in the toughest of times. In addition to bringing attention to childhood cancer, September is also Ovarian cancer and Prostate cancer awareness month. For women icyou is putting the spotlight on the disease that was once known as the silent killer. In recent years, Ovarian cancer has become much more treatable if caught early on, still it is important for women to be aware. And for men, icyou will help you find important information on the disease that affects one in 6 men, making prostate cancer the most, one of the most common cancers among men. Also very treatable, it's important to look for symptoms in the early stages. Learn about either cancer by simply typing Ovarian cancer or Prostate cancer into the icyou search box, and you'll see videos from doctors and patients sharing their stories of treating and overcoming each disease. As always you can join the conversation by uploading your own videos to icyou anytime free of charge. Our community would love to hear your stories and benefit from your expertise. And remember you don't have to be an MD to know our team connects you to the best video community on the web. Until next time this is icyou, the source for health videos online, go to for more information.