Intro to Halloween Pumpkin Carving
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Introduction to pumpkin carving for the novice and a review for the expert.


I've got a great big knife, an ice cream scoop and I night light, now what is I have to do with Halloween that’s means its pumpkin carving time. I'm about to show you how to be the Michael Angelo of Jack-o’-lanterns with some cool tools, the secret recipe for pumpkin preservation and also ways to make your master piece twinkle. First up, let’s talk about carving. Here we have our standard pumpkin. Now the first step is everybody knows is it to cut a hole in it. I grew up cutting the top off of my pumpkin and reaching in and getting slime all over my arm. A little bit I know it’s better to cut the bottom out so that you can set your pumpkin on top of your light source. That will make your life easier. Now a couple of different tools that you might already have lying around your house to cut that bottom part out or some knives, little saws, those are going to be really handy, just help you get that bottom right out of there. So once you got that part out of the way, then it’s gut scooping time, gut scooping time. Why don’t you bust out your ice scream scoop for this? So scoop it out you could also use a giant spoon if you don’t have an ice scream scoop around your house. So once you got this scooped out, put this little spin and baby in there. And it will smooth it right out, all those little stringy pieces of pulp that sometimes still hangout on the inside of your pumpkin we can't get them out for the life of you, this will fix that. So after you have it all gutted, the next thing you want to do is the carving part, the fun part. These are some things you might have around your house look little paring knifes things like that you can do of nice detail works look it really fancy. You can also get some things like this on the market that are—especially for pumpkin carving and this is what this little guy was made for, going to make your life easy. Up here we have this tool kit which was made for little kids, and you of course still want to supervise and then we have this other little kit for the adults to make your pumpkin carving that much easier. And over here I have my hand drill with my hole saw bit on it and now the reason I have that guy out is just in case you want to do have a broken up pumpkin party. So now you’ve gone to whole this working you’ve made your pumpkin beautiful, you want your pumpkin will last for as long as possible right? The arch nemesis of pumpkin are things like mold and dehydration and the way we fix that is you can start with some petroleum jelly and slather that on the inside of your pumpkin. What that will do is just seal it up and keep your pumpkin hydrated just a little bit longer. There also some store-bought sprays that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Over here we have some options to make your pumpkin glow. We have lots of different options, night lights or plug in. We have LED lights, we have spill candles, we have real candles and real candles can actually only be used inside a real pumpkin. Don’t try to use them inside this spill pumpkin, no good. And my personal favorite, the strobe light for disco pumpkin. Now these are just a few ideas to get you started it, it’s up to you to come up with your design. So have a happy Halloween and happy carving.