Interview With Comic Book Illustrator Dale Eagelsham
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WatchMojo chats with veteran comic book illustrator Dale Eagelsham about his works and inspiration.


Interview With Comic Book Illustrator Dale Eagelsham Speaker: Hi! Welcome to Our host Mike got a chance to chat with comic book illustrator Dale Eaglesham about some of his favorite works and bringing superheroes to life. Mike Petel: I'm just wondering if you’d like to tell us a bit about how you got involved with drawing superhero comic books. Dale Eaglesham: I don’t know why I chose that. I’ve seen superhero stuff on Saturday morning cartoons or something. I had that creative imagination that requires something like that. I ended up drawing my own comics and I couldn’t stop. Mike Petel: You’ve driven quite a variety of superhero comics like Fantastic Four, the Punisher, Batman; I'm just wondering which one to you is your personal favorite. Dale Eaglesham: I think Fantastic Four is my personal favorite because I read it growing up. So, it was kind of a special thrill to be on that book but aside from that, I did a book called “Hero”, a DC comics and it was just ordinary people becoming superheroes. I think that was one of my favorites. Mike Petel: So, are you drawn at all to the greedy nature of superheroes like for example with Batman. He’s been shown as very campy and very greedy and someone said the fantastic four have been vey campy and not so much greedy yet. Dale Eaglesham: What I want to bring especially to any character they work on, not that it's greedy and dark but we really bring out their human side, focus on things that are normal about them and not just their heroic abilities. I want to do that in Fantastic Four Two. Mike Petel: Do you prefer the superheroes or the villains? Dale Eaglesham: When I did Villains United, it was all villains. That was probably the most fun I had was drawing these villains. Put a bunch of villains in a room and comedy will erupt. So, even try to get along in former team. I think the premise is just funny. To choose between heroes and villains, it's really hard to say and to tell you the truth, I think I gravitate towards the heroes that have some villain quality about them like the Punisher, Conan. They have some of the same qualities as villains. So, I think I don’t want a yin or yang or yin and yang, do you known what I mean? Mike Petel: Just looking at superheroes and movies, Hollywood seems to want to reboot every few years. Do you find you need to go through a reboot as well? Dale Eaglesham: I reboot every project and it’s not an extreme over Hollywood in kind. I want the project itself to influence where the art is going to go. It could be minor stylistic changes, it could be something major. I never know; I want the project to speak to me. I don’t say something different each time. It's always my stuff but I change every project. Mike Petel: Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure. Dale Eaglesham: You're welcome, thank you.