Interview With Comedian Jim Breuer About His Upcoming Book
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Jim Breuer has done it all from television to the big screen. Now, he is releasing his new book, I'm Not High, and he is bringing the laughs with him.


Interview With Comedian Jim Breuer About his Upcoming Book Better Audra Lowe: He’s been n the entertainment business for over 20 years and he got his big break backing 1995 when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live as the infamous Goat Boy since then Jim Breuer has been all over the screen both big and small. Jim Breuer: Daddy can climb your head. Get off daddy’s back sweetie. Okay you’re not even out of the bed yet. You’re not even out of the bed and then I got the other one coming. I’m going daddy. Can I please have Doritos for breakfast. Audra Lowe: That has also accumulated some pretty crazy stories along the way as you just saw Jim Breuer. He’s here now and he’s sharing some information about his new book it is called I’m not high but I got a lot of crazy stories about life as a goat boy, a dad, and a spiritual warrior. Jim Breuer: Yes. Audra Lowe: I’m trying to look into the book and into the show. Jim Breuer: Yeah you got a long title and you had to get it all in right? Audra Lowe: Right. Jim Breauer: Well beyond that high thing is I’ve been struggling with that since Seventh grade when I showed up in class and Mr. Todd was like if you show up in that condition one more time. I don’t know what he was talking about and then you know this is the way I came out of my mom just I looked wrecked 24/7. Audra Lowe: Well Tony didn’t help to when you the movie. Jim Breauer: No, I got it because Dave Chappelle came to me and say Jim you got to be in this movie I wrote you got to play the main. We got you on blow it out you all don’t even need make up. Then he yeah and this is the way I would show up on set I would just mess my hair up like we’re ready to role. Audra Lowe: Right in the character just like that right? Now you have some dead on impressions we do saw one of them Goat Boy can you give us a little sample of any— Jim Breauer: I was born on my GPS I’m. Audra Lowe: How long does it take you to pick up on somebody in order to do a dead on impression like that? Jim Breauer: You know what I’m not a precious I can only mimic people really fans up so like Peshy I knew as soon as I saw him I can easily get him and I wish I can hang my GPS and his great because he gets angry. Did I tell you make a left turn? Audra Lowe: As for now in this show what in the world is it like working on that show so many comedians, so many fun personalities are you guys always like that or is it a little dead down time? Jim Breauer: No, no it was, no there was no down time there is. It’s a shot gone you start off in a Monday and as I come up with ideas in Tuesday your write an idea Wednesday you read the idea. Thursday you hope you Friday. And you just don’t have time to think. I am now is like move on and like oh my gosh I worked with Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Deniro and Peshy how did I pull that off. Audra Lowe: You have your stand up. It’s comedy, stand-up. It’s a Comedy Central Special called lets Clear the Area. You talk about some really funny issues especially your wife and your kids. You got 3 daughters you are the only man holding it down in the household. How is that? Jim Breauer: Including the cats they’re female too. Audra Lowe: Oh really. Jim Breauer: The entire house is female— Audra Lowe: You got to get a dog, a male dog. Jim Breauer: Oh no, no, no. I mean I don’t need—a dog especially I don’t need another reason to get up at 5 a.m. Audra Lowe: Got you okay I’m with you on that. Jim Breauer: Something like woof, woof. My wife doesn’t get enough sleep I struggle enough trying to save the cats because a mom that doesn’t sleep enough that is sleep deprivation. Audra Lowe: -- Jim Breauer: Yeah it could lead to murder. Audra Lowe: I know I’m right there on the edge myself yes I know, I know. Jim Breauer: Tough early those cats try to wake me up I’ll kill them. You know you said its 7 in the morning. Audra Lowe: Is that what you decided to write the book I’m not high because you know of compiled all your— Jim Breauer: Honestly the book was more I have a love, a crazy deep spiritual circles and it doesn’t have my life in them when I talk to most people that, that would ignite more conversation so people would say you got to tell people the stories and I’m like people are going to freak. Look no, so that’s the main reason why I started writing it but I also have these hilarious stories of S&L behind the scenes and stories of Will Ferrell and true humor good and so it’s just a story of my life from beginning to end how I went to stand up what was going on in real life and how does he keep your morals while you have rock star going come I’m going to rip it off tonight. Audra Lowe: One day you’re sitting at home with the family you cal look back at all these stories and really, really appreciate. Jim Breauer: It’s so nice out there and people are really love the stories so it’s great. Audra Lowe: We love having you here. Jim Breauer: That’s what I wanted. Audra Lowe: We like that. Jim Breauer: Thank you. Audra Lowe: Thank you so much congratulations on everything. Jim Breauer: Thank you so much. Audra Lowe: Maybe you should do an impression on but not now, not now. If you guys want to read more about the hilarious and personal stories of Goat Boy himself you can pick up a copy of Jim’s book. I’m not High.