Interfacelift - Website Review
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the interfacelift website.


Robbie Ferguson: We are looking at …we’ve got this new feature called “Robbie’s Favorites” and for the first night, I’d like to show you a website that I use when I get cool desktop backgrounds. Now, people of course have seen my desktop and the said, “Hey, what gives with that brown thing on the background?” Carrie Webb: Oh yeah. Robbie Ferguson: Because that is the default background that comes with Ubuntu Intrepid. So, one of he things that I set out to do tonight is we want to replace that with something a little prettier. So, I’m just going to bring up my web browser and of course this is going to work on any operating system. So whether you’re on Mac, Windows, Linux, it doesn’t matter. Just go to and that’s going to bring you to this great little site that I’d love for quite sometime. I've been using this for a long time. I’m not really sure about the licensing because the licensing on this site is actually a dead link but what we can do here at is just choose the type of resolution that you’ve got. So if you’ve got a wide screen or a full screen or an HD TV, dual monitors, triple monitors, mobile devices, it’s really thorough. So in this case, I’m using a full screen device. So I’m just going to click on full screen and then just start scrolling down so that I see this images so if I like that image, I can choose my resolution which in this case is 1024x768 and then click download. And it’s as simple as that. No registration, no having to sign up for any accounts. Now that image is up at 1024x768. All right, click on that image and it’s going to be a little for browser but in my browser in Firefox its set as desktop background and it shows me a little preview if I want to center it or stretch it. I’ll just stretch it and set my desktop background. So now, that brown display is all gone and there we have it. That is A great website if you’re looking for free downloads for your desktop. Carrie Webb: Can you repeat that website again for guests in the chat room? Robbie Ferguson: That is