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WWJD? Surf. Play quarterback. Ride Bulls. At least that's what we found at the New York Toy Fair. See for yourself.


Clay Nichols: Have you ever in a moment of reflection, wondered if Jesus were alive today, would he shred? To answer that question, we have got Acacia Rehnquist(ph) from Fisherman Inc. Tell us about your interesting action figures. Acacia Rehnquist: Well, we are here in the Fisherman booth with our nine figurines the Jesus in eight typical poses, but also with titles that we think represents some really inspiring qualities for all ages. I am hope, I am peace, I am strength. We really think they are attractive to older people because they are very, very nice quality, so they are collectibles and gift items. But also the younger generations really like them because they open up conversation and inspire and they are cool. Clay Nichols: Jesus riding a chopper, who would have guessed?