Insurance Company Offers Cash For Lost Weight
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Kaiser Permanente Colorado is offering adults in Colorado up to $150 every three months to lose weight and keep it off as a way to combat obesity through its Weigh and Win program. (Dec. 27)


[Location: DENVER][Date: Dec. 8, 2011][Source: AP][VO: Still pics of Tanya Amaro from May through June][VOICE OVER]TANYA AMARO IS PROVING THAT SOMETIMES A SWEET REWARD IS THE BEST WAY TO SHED POUNDS.``I come from a family with lots of diabetes: My dad, my grandfather, my grandma, so that's one of my reasons why I chose to get healthy.''EVERY WEEK SHE GOES TO ONE OF 12 KIOSKS AROUND COLORADO WEIGHS IN AND HAS HER PICTURE TAKEN. [SOT/Amaro]"This is that reminder, that no, I'm not going to go eat that whatever, chicken fried steak. I'm going to go stand in the grilled chicken line.'' [[VOICE OVER]]HERE'S HER TREAT-SHE AND 8500 OTHERS PARTICIPATE IN A PROGRAM CALLED WEIGH AND WIN,"And they pay you as you lose weight so i think right now i'm like at $75''SHE GETS CASH FOR LOSING WEIGHT. EVERY THREE MONTHS HER WEIGHT LOSS IS CALCULATED. SHE RECEIVES MONEY ON A GIFT CARD BASED ON HOW MUCH SHE LESS SHE WEIGHS---[VO: Wide shot of Kaiser Permante building, doorway shot of Dr. Eric France, Chief of Population Care and Prevention Services at Kaiser Permanente]"Weight loss is as effective as mammograms, or colon cancer screenings or blood pressure control when you speak about the amount of dollars you spend for the life years you gain from the program.''[VOICE OVER]COMPANIES HAVE USED SIMILAR ECONOMIC INCENTIVES FOR YEARS TO LOWER OBESITY AMONG THEIR EMPLOYEES. THE AIM IS TO REDUCE HEALTH CARE COSTS. NOW, KAISER PERMANENTE IS OFFERING UP TO 150 DOLLARS EVERY THREE MONTHS TO ADULTS IN COLORADO TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF. IT'S ONE OF THE FIRST PROGRAMS NATIONWIDE TO MAKE SUCH AN OFFER.''[SOT/ Dr. Eric France, Kaiser Permanente]"And from the medical perspective, losing about 5 percent body weight is considered valuable and helpful.'' [VO: Still pics of Amaro, fade from May to December showing weight loss change. Switch to video.]``So back in April my friend of my told me that they were starting this weigh and win and they would pay you to lose weight i was just, oh, great that's an incentive''[VO: Wideshots of Denver health, American Furniture Store warehouse, Katie Hamilton, program manager for Weigh and Win at a kiosk]KAISER PERMANETE PLANS TO ADD ANOTHER 10 KIOSKS NEXT YEAR. THEY'RE LOCATED IN RECREATION CENTERS, LIBRARIES AND MEDICAL FACILITIES. [SOT/Katie Hamilton]"Maybe a health tool isn't the most common feature of a furniture store so it's kind of unique in that aspect.''[VO: Before and after of Amaro]SO FAR, THE AVERAGE WEIGHT LOSS IS ABOUT 12 POUNDS.[SOT/Amaro]"My husband likes it, although my wedding ring doesn't fit me any more so i have to wear it in my middle finger''[VO: Amaro having lunch]FOR TANYA AMARO LOSING WEIGHT IS AN ECONOMIC STIMULUS.PETER BANDA, ASSOCIATED PRESS, DENVERSCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: