Information About Beta Blockers
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Dr. Volgman shares what women should know about beta blockers, the side effects, and if there is an alternative. This is a drug which is used to treat angina and other heart rhythm disorders, migraines, high blood pressure, panic attacks, and tremors


That’s a good question. It’s not really one of the most helpful things. One of the most helpful things is knowing their numbers, knowing what their cholesterol numbers are--triglycerides, HDL, LDL cholesterol--and nowadays, it is even more important to check the LDL particle size and numbers because that seems to be more predictive than LDL cholesterol in terms of having a heart attack or stroke. So, for women who have a risk factor or they are at higher risk because they have diabetes or they have family history, the more important number that they should know is their LDL particles and LDL size and number because that’s more predictive than LDL cholesterol. So I would encourage those patients to ask their doctor to get that checked.